Ad Campaign – Clairol Herbal Essence, 1973

Reading about Giorgio di Sant’Angelo and looking at all the photos from the exhibition preview, has put me in a 70s sort of mind.  We didn’t all dress as gypsies as di Sant’Angelo would have had us, but it was really easy to picture ourselves as free-spirited earth children, even if it was only through our shampoo!  I can certainly picture the girl in the ad wearing my dress.

If you don’t remember Herbal Essence, it was a piney/herbal scent that was fresh and so suited for the time.  It was discontinued long ago, though you can get a facsimile through the Vermont Country Store.  I have not tried it, so I don’t know how authentic the smell is.



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11 responses to “Ad Campaign – Clairol Herbal Essence, 1973

  1. Wow, this brought back memories! We were a family of Prell users until my mom discovered Herbal Essence in the early 70s.


  2. maureen

    oh, how i loved that shampoo! Nothing else has ever smelled so good. i worked for a while in a drug store and remember buying a case of it for me, my boyfriend and his housemates, lol.


  3. Zelle

    Lovely advertisement!


  4. Love the 70’s advertisements – all natural and free spirited. I haven’t seen this advert before but love the idea of my hair getting “very very excited”.


  5. We have a herbal essences shampoo in Australia but I think it’s different and probably not as nice as the one in the 70s advertisement! (


  6. KeLLy Ann

    I loved this shampoo although for me it was mostly
    Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific…..which I would give just about anything to still be able to buy {along with Fostex}. My dad was the Prell user.
    I wonder if the remake at Vermont store is any good?


  7. i loved the shampoo! and i loved the ad on tv back then, i was still small to remember much except that it’s the same girl and birds and leaves. don’t recall about the hair being “very, very excited.” and there’s a tune that’s melodious. i think i just like tunes made for tv ads but more specifically for shampoo. do you know sunnydrop?


  8. We were an Herbal Essence (me and mom)/ Head and Shoulders (dad) until I was old enough to get my own shampoo. It took me some time to settle on that stinky Agree shampoo. If you lined up 7 women who with newly shampooed hair, I bet I could identify any ’70s or ’80s scent with one sniff.


  9. I absolutely remember and miss the smell of Herbal Essence! My older sister found it and then I had to have it too. Love seeing the old advertisement here!


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