Made in the USA – The Cat’s Pajamas

I really am thankful for pajamas, because pretty much the only time a woman of 57 can get away with wearing a pink and black Scottie dog print is when she is at home and visitors are not expected.  The same can be said, I suppose, for prints with puppies and cupcakes, cats in trees and miscellaneous cocktails.  These are the sorts of prints for sale at my latest made in the USA find, The Cat’s Pajamas.

When it comes to pajamas, I’ve been a Bedhead devotee for the past ten years or so.  That’s when I bought my first pair – a pair I’m still wearing, by the way.  But I came across a recommendation for Cat’s Pajamas and decided to give them a try.

First, the fabric prints at Cat’s Pajamas are very whimsical and brightly colored.  I like that in a pj.  You can let your inner kid come out when dressing strictly for your home.  On the negative side, though the pajamas are sewn in the USA, the fabric is imported (from who knows where) and to be honest, it is not quite as soft as I’d like.  Still, after four washings, it has softened up without any color loss to the print.

Another plus is that they offer a variety of styles in most prints.  I’m short, so I ordered the capri length which was just right for me.  Some of the prints are available in both flannel and poplin.  And they have plus sizes.

Time will tell whether they hold up as well as Bedhead does, but for now, I’m very satisfied.  This pair was on sale, and the shipping is a reasonable flat rate of $5.

And if they would find a US supplier for the fabric, I’d really love them.

Nice packaging that includes a cute eye shade.


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6 responses to “Made in the USA – The Cat’s Pajamas

  1. How adorable, and wonderful that they are made in the US, shame about the fabric though…



  2. So cute – I love fun pajamas! I really like that they make them in non-flannel options. Too bad they don’t carry them in a few smaller sizes (I still have to buy junior sizes) because I would love some!


  3. I do love pajamas! They make Sundays an absolute joy! The ones you’ve chosen are adorable I must say. 🙂 xx


  4. I forget how comfy a pj set is~thanks for reminding me


  5. I love this pajama brand. Being a big time fan of Buffy, I’ve always wanted a pair of “yummy sushi” pjs. 😀


  6. Deborah Ivie

    Love it. Can’t wait to see them in person.


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