Ad Campaign – Eskiloos, 1960

The big draw for winter is ESKILOOS

(warm, washable, over-the-sock boots)

Eskiloos – the sleek-fitting, snug-feeling, smart-looking news!  Made by U.S. Rubber of striking new fabrics, all warmly lined, all winterproofed.  Light on the feet, yet sturdy.

I don’t need to tell you that I love these, right?  That if I had a time machine before me with only one trip to the past I’d set the dial to “wherever the newest in shoes is sold,”  September 1960?  I’d buy five pairs in both styles, in all the colors available so I’d have a lifetime supply of Eskiloos.


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9 responses to “Ad Campaign – Eskiloos, 1960

  1. Seems to me my mom had a pair of boots pretty much like those, Liz. They had a bit of fur trim around the top edge. The fabric was black with a nap to it…not velvet, but like velvet. Women wore them….not children or teens. Seems like they even came with a medium high heel. Don’t know the year. So many of what you write about bring back memories long forgotten.


  2. Could I hitch a ride if you ever get that time machine. I would love to have some Eskiloos (what a great name)


  3. OoooooO! I want a plaid pair. Nifty!


  4. Sorry, but they sound really hot (and I mean warm) to me. I think they would make my feet sweat.


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