Ad Campaign – Kedettes, 1950

This Kedettes ad from 1950s is interesting because of what it does not say.  There is virtually no ad copy, only the styles, the prices, and a note that the shoes are washable.  But read the illustration, which says that Kedettes are just right for a casual date at the soda shop.

You might have noticed that colored rubber soles are pretty hot right now.  You see them quite a bit on athletic shoes, of course, but makers of street shoes, like Cole Haan have added them to oxfords  and loafers.  It rather nice seeing the same trend from 64 years ago.  There really isn’t much new under the fashion sun.



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13 responses to “Ad Campaign – Kedettes, 1950

  1. I’d totally wear those now! I’ve been a Keds wearer for most of my life but am disappointed with some of the recent changes they’ve made to this classic sneaker. The way they sew in the tag under the heel makes it painful to wear them without socks for any length of time, and they’ve added a side “advertising” tag to the shoe – as if the blue “license plate” on the back wouldn’t be enough to alert folks to the fact that they’re real Keds. And even the blue license plate looks more cartoony than it used to. Ha, you can tell that this hit a nerve 🙂


    • Well, all change is not good. You ought to write to the company and tell them how the inside labeling is poorly placed.


      • I did as soon as I noticed – I got a reply but no “action” 🙂

        “In reference to your comments regarding the inside tag, I will be happy to forward your suggestions to the appropriate departments for review. In doing this we can ensure that we are giving our customers the best possible quality and selection of our products. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued patronage and appreciate your feedback”


  2. These are really attractive. They look light-weight, too. I wonder if the striped ones were elastic or canvas? Kedettes go back to the 1930s, when their very low prices must have been a relief — cute summer shoes for under two dollars. I must find those old ads — summer is coming!


  3. I love the pair in pink! Along with the soda fountain drinks. Fun ad. I still Keds. Years ago, I scored a pair in lime green at the big Flea in Charlotte for just a few dollars. Brand New with tag and box. I still wear them! ~Theadora


  4. I love the striped pair, too! Maybe it’s time for Keds to do a reissue.


  5. Seriously, these shoes NEED to be brought back!


  6. I’m a Keds girl, too. Still wear them. My first pair were navy blue and cost $4.95. I have issues with Keds as I do many ‘American’ companies. I feel the consumer doesn’t matter in the whole scheme of things. And I hate, hate, hate those canned company responses that say nothing; there’s never any sincerity in them.


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