April in Review

So to prove that I do more than sit around and think about old clothes all the time, here’s my month of April as seen on Instagram.  I love violets.  They always remind me of the walk between the houses of my great-aunts, Agnes, Mary, and Ethel, who all lived within hollering distance of each other.  There was a small field in the middle of the walk which every spring produced the most glorious long-stemmed violets.  I picked them by the hundreds.

I came across these fantastic skiing dolls in an antique mall in Asheville.  I’d never seen anything like them, but according the Sarah at TinTrunkVintage they were likely made by Roldan, a Spanish company.   Rexard and Klumpe made similar dolls.  The detail on these is just fabulous.

A visit to my favorite independent booksellers made me realize that we may have enough books about Coco Chanel in the world.

I’ve been reading Banners of Silk, by Rosalind Laker, a novel of which a major character is couturier Charles F. Worth.  It’s a bit melodramatic.

Here’s a bit of Scottie cuteness from my collection.  This is the corner of a card table cloth.

I did manage a sewing project, which I’ll be sharing in a few days.

Based on the antique sewing diaries and personal fabric collections I’ve seen in museums, I decided to start my own sewing diary.  I’m catching up with old projects.

This photo was taken at Elsewhere in Greensboro, which is a thrift store turned ongoing art project.   The old clothes are now hanging from the ceiling.  Nothing is for sale, no matter how much you beg.

I went to the Liberty Antiques Festival, a nice flea market that is held twice a year in a field.  It is probably my all-time favorite shopping venue.

And last of all, here I am in my natural habitat, the vintage clothing store.  A note about my hair:  Bumble & Bumble’s curling shampoo really does work.



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15 responses to “April in Review

  1. You are so right about the books about Chanel. If you need something new to obsess about, I just received the Charles James book that goes along with the Met exhibit as a birthday gift. Big, full of pictures, and in need of a reinforced coffee table to hold it.


  2. Hehee love that last photo! x


  3. Thank you for including “Banners of Silk”. Which I have remembered reading now and then having bought it at presumably Barnes & Noble when it first came out. But I could never remember it’s title.


  4. Violets! wonderful memories…Me too-we always had them around the stream and hedges up at the “farm” up iin the country outside DC(home)..did you have the Confederate violets as well as purple? the signature of Bonwit Teller was a nosegay of violets- did you have lilly of the valley as well growing there as well- thank you for the memories..


  5. Well, if this was April, I can’t wait for the May round-up!


  6. seweverythingblog

    Except for the book by De La Haye, I don’t see the Chanel books I own in your bookseller’s collection. So add a few more …. 🙂
    Your hair selfie is so cute. As if the clothes were photobombing your picture.


  7. Christina

    Elsewhere’s is amazing! Love the idea behind it.


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