Vintage Miscellany – August 17, 2014

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I really hate this time of year when people start thinking that summer is over. Yes, schools are starting and the days are noticeably shorter, but there’s no reason to go into hibernation just because there are Halloween decorations filling the aisles of your nearest discount store. Can you tell that I love summer?

And now for the news…

*  My favorite new find is Backstory with the American History Guys, a weekly podcast about American history, of course.  A recent show was about fashion, and included interviews with Ann Tartsinis (more from her later this week) and Linda Przybyszewski.

*   Just when I start to think fashion blogs are creating a giant homogenized  look for the world, I see this great video about street fashion in  Dakar, Senegal.

*   Art: coming to a billboard near you.

*   If you deal in vintage clothing, then it is likely you’ve encountered the Edith Flagg label.  It was a mid-priced line, produced in California.  To my surprise, I learned this week that Edith was a reality television star, appearing with her grandson on Million Dollar Listing on Bravo TV.  Who knew?  Edith died this past week at the age of 94.

*   I really, really, want to dislike Andre Leon Talley, but I just can’t.  He amuses me.  See why in this Q&A session with him and Isabel and Ruben Toledo.

*   Cathy Horyn is back with this essay on fashion friendship at Harper’s Bazaar.

*   Project Runway is back, and wackier than ever.

*  I may be confused by Project Runway, but I do love Tim Gunn.



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9 responses to “Vintage Miscellany – August 17, 2014

  1. I saw a couple episodes of Million Dollar Listing with Edith Flagg and she was so sassy! An entertaining addition to that show.

    Speaking of reality TV, I just started to watch Project Runway again for the first time in several seasons. I don’t know why it dragged me back in, but anyway: I am still amazed by the choice of winning dress last week! Ugh.

    I don’t have a strong feeling one way or another about Andre Leon Talley or the Toledos, but that was an interesting little piece. Thanks for posting it!


  2. Sorry for posting again, but you reminded me to go and read Tom and Lorezo’s recap of Runway, and I agree with them about who should have won! It’s a pretty funny recap–you should read it if you haven’t already.


  3. Summer ditto here in florida,don’t tell anyone but it’s the best time to be here!


  4. For a minute I thought we had found photos of the same family on the beach! The fully dressed adults, the hats, the children who didn’t get wet…. That was the reality of a day at the seaside, less than a hundred years ago. Your interesting picture also shows a typical multi-generational family — it’s fun to try to figure out the relationships. Is that magnificent ‘boardwalk’ behind them anywhere you know? Thanks for sharing!


  5. i love summer as well – i love the mountains / retreats as well even though i am a beach person). i love the summer old beach cottages from the 30’s and 40’s. i grew up in the Cactoctain Mountains Blue Ridge Summit, Pa. on the Md. line…old Victorian resort for DC and Baltimore. i have vintage photos -Lizzie. look it up on line-the Monterey CC.._great history…


  6. How interesting, and it was the birthplace of Wallis Simpson!


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