October in Review

October came and went so quickly that it was three days into November before I realized it was gone.  It was a full month, and a beautiful one.

We spent a few days at our favorite inn which is in the restored section of Salem, NC.  Originally a village founded by Moravian missionaries in the eighteenth century, today Salem is half of the city of Winston-Salem.

Still, one gets a feeling of being in a quiet colonial town, especially at night when the tourists and school groups have left.

I was lucky enough to find this great Scottie pillow cover at a local thrift store.

I’ve already written about helping out with an estate.  Here are some of the patterns that came with the cutting table I got.

I spent a day at the Georgia Museum of Art in Athens, Georgia.  I was there to see the Pucci exhibition I wrote about earlier, but I also spent time with the permanent collection.  This painting is Taxi! Taxi! By Eugenie McEvoy.  I love how the pair of lovers in the back are reflected in the driver’s seat.

I left enough time to go shopping in downtown Athens.  There are several vintage stores, but they have a very young clientele, being in a college town.  It’s amazing what passes as “vintage” these days.

Of course I can’t survive just on museums and vintage.  Here’s my post museum and shopping lunch: pimento cheese burger, Bell’s amber, and fries.

On Halloween I was treated to this pile of deadstock vintage at the Metrolina Antiques and Collectibles show.  There were some really nice pieces in that pile.

It was a month of beautiful sunsets, but this one was my favorite.  It almost looked as if there were a giant glowing object just over the horizon.


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14 responses to “October in Review

  1. what a great trip..i love Winston-Salem as well- thank you for the tour and lunch!!! the BEST part -i didn’t have to pack or pay!!!! THANK YOU- the styles in the pattern books are just great…love the tour / house really!


  2. Thanks so much for sharing your trip to Salem. Most enjoyable. 🙂 xx


  3. Thanks for sharing your scenery, your patterns, and that great taxi painting, which I have never seen before. I had almost forgotten what turning leaves look like — I have to drive to another county to see them, and they’re always a lovely surprise. (However, I never have to scrape ice off my windshield or drive in snow, so I don’t mind making a bit of a drive for a shot of autumn color!)


  4. Liz…this really was a relaxing read. I like your comment about what passes as vintage, these days. I guess that is because WE have fast become vintage ourselves. So…vintage has shown to be a very relative period.

    I enjoyed your article from beginning to end…like I was right there with you. Thanks much. You have the gift of making all your trips most interesting.


  5. I hope you’ll share what you found in that pile!


  6. I love your comment about what passes for vintage. Lately, I have been shopping for vintage in my own closet i.e. pieces that have been in a closet in the house since they were new.


  7. That embroidered Scotty pillowcase is just gorgeous. What a fantastic thing to find.


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