Happy Valentine’s Day to Us All

Every year I get this anti-Valentine’s Day vibe from posters across the internet.  I think it is time we took the romance out of the holiday and made it strictly about love – love for family, love for pets, love for art, love for one another.  Spend the day with the ones you love, or doing the things you love.

I’ve always adored Valentine’s Day because the association with flowers seems to be the first herald of spring.  How can that be a bad thing?

Best wishes to all my Valentines!


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9 responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day to Us All

  1. Happy Valentine’s! x


  2. Wonderful idea! I am freezing in Florida Lizzie, I can only imagine how you are in NY! Off to garage sales at 7:20 am, argghhh! Hope you’re having a blast!


  3. Thank you Lizzie. Happy Valentine’s to you too! I have a fillet steak supper, and a nice bottle of red, lined up for this evening. Simon’s bought me a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, although it’s also 20 years TO THE DAY since we had our first date.

    Two of my girlfriends are coming over this afternoon. They think we’re having coffee, but I have Champagne and chocolates lined up for them. They’re both single ladies, so as there’s no fella to treat them, I figured I’d do it instead. Should be a fun afternoon! 🙂 x


  4. Great thought, Lizzie….I agree
    I just got one of those fresh fruit Valentine arrangements from a customer who purchased a mannequin head last week…Pineapple hearts and strawberries dipped in chocolate… she is two thousand miles away….someone I have never met…..saying I was so wonderful ! smile.

    Thanks Stranger !

    Are there any more of you out there? I AM accepting Valentines ! … more smiles

    Forgive me for this bit of humor.


  5. I have never celebrated Valentine’s Day–but maybe if I got such beautiful cards I’d change my mind. And dearest Lizzie–I LOVE your blog!


  6. Happy Valentine’s Day Lizzie! Love the beautiful card. Stay warm!


  7. Beautiful card, Lizzie – thank you!
    Wishing you & yours a loving & warm holiday weekend!
    del xx


  8. Amen to that, Lizzie. Thank you. Have I told you lately that I love your blog…? 😉 xx


  9. I loved getting all these sweet virtual Valentines!


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