1960s Buffy For Cinderella Dress

I usually do not buy children’s clothing, but I had to pick up this late 1960s  little dress to share here.

For those of you not around in the 1960s, Buffy was a character on the American sit-com, Family Affair.  It was the story of how three adorable orphans went to live with their urbane uncle and his valet in a luxurious New York apartment.  Buffy was a fan favorite, with her Mrs. Beasley doll and cute pigtails.

I remember the Mrs. Beasley doll being licensed and manufactured by Mattel, but I had no idea that Cinderella was making Buffy dresses.  When the show debuted in 1966 I was eleven years old, and so identified more with the older sister, Cissy.  Her wardrobe was what I’d have gone for.

Buffy was played by Anissa Jones, who unfortunately died from a drug overdose at eighteen.  It was a sad ending to the story of a little girl who had captured the hearts of so many.

Even little girls gave up feminine frills in the 1960s in order to be Mod.  This dress is made from the popular acrylic knit and featured a dropped waist accentuated with a bright red tie.  It was completely on fashion, and very different from the frilly types of dress I remember being produced by Cinderella.

I don’t plan to keep this dress, so if any of you are in need of a tiny little mod dress for daughter or doll, let me know, and I’ll send it on to you.


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10 responses to “1960s Buffy For Cinderella Dress

  1. That is pretty adorable! And of course the label is quite interesting.

    I hope you find a home for it in a reader here!


  2. Liz…I think I enjoyed seeing the Label as much as the cute little dress…and also remembering Mrs Beasley. Thanks for making the purchase.


  3. I had a Buffy dress when I was young. The department store that sold them had a glass slipper that if it fit you then you won a free dress. My mom paid for my dress.


  4. Carol Mitchell

    I would love to have the dress for my granddaughter, so if I’m the first to ask, I’d really be grateful for it.
    Carol Mitchell

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  5. Hmm…I don’t remember that show at all, but my mother didn’t approve of television and so I lost out on a lot of cultural references. How interesting that children’s fashion was following adult fashion closely in the sixties! And I wonder if Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a reference back to this earlier Buffy?


  6. I love checking out the kids clothing at thrift stores. I’ve found some really great items in pristine condition and always wonder how they got there. Packed away carefully for the next generation only to end up at Goodwill after all!


  7. Robert

    I know it’s much later after the original post, but I am a collector of all things Family Affair. Just bought a green Buffy dress by Cinderella on eBay, pristine, and plan on displaying my entire collection in LA next August in a 40th anniversary memorial I’m organizing for Anissa “Buffy” Jones. Kathy “Cissy” Garver will be there, John “Jody” Whitaker might be there, if you still have the dress (unlikely) or know of other Buffys available (again, unlikely), I’d be thrilled and grateful. Feel free to ask for more details, Thanks! –Robert, fan and admin of FB page “Anissa Jones Remembrance Society”


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