1970s Andreno Argenti Golf Themed Sweater

I had been meaning to pick up a Seventies sports themed novelty sweater for some time, but never quite found the right one at the right price.  But several weeks ago I ran across this one that had all the correct boxes ticked.  It was blue, golf-themed, and priced nicely.

This type of sweater is a bit of a puzzle to me, mainly because I do not remember them from my younger days.  Maybe it was because I was in high school and college during the years these seem to have been made, and our tastes were a little more hippie.  Or maybe it was because I was not a part of the golfing set.  For whatever reason  I don’t remember this trend at all, and these sweaters were not limited to golf themes.  What seem to be the two biggest producers, Andreno Argenti and Cyn Les, both manufactured in Taiwan and all the sweaters were made from acrylic.  The large majority of Argenti sweaters I found were golf themed, but Cyn Les did a wide variety of these, some of which had sayings embroidered on the sleeves.

I’ve looked at a lot of these lately in the sales pages of etsy and ebay.  Some sellers have them listed as 1950s, especially a cardigan version.  But I think that the Taiwan manufacture and the acrylic fiber points to the late Sixties and into the Seventies.  I don’t mind being contradicted if any reader has a better memory of these.  At any rate, mine is from the early Seventies, with that scooped neck and long, skinny line of the torso.

I can never seem to get the color right in my photos, but here are close-ups of the machine embroidery.  It was actually very nicely done.




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15 responses to “1970s Andreno Argenti Golf Themed Sweater

  1. Hmm. Generally don’t care for themed sweaters, but this one is nice. Congratulations on filling a hole in your collection!


  2. Love the sweet, perfect for you…sweater. I think you will have so much fun wearing it. Have a good time!

    Someone fixed my computer….so I am back.


  3. I would be amazed to hear that there was large scale production in Taiwan in the fifties. If someone has evidence, please share it with us. And I have no memories of these sweaters either–not my taste, but then you are not collecting them to wear!


  4. interesting find/subject!-starting a fashion career in the 70’s-i do not remember this type of “sportswear being merchandised in better department stores-usually sold in specialty sports shops-wonderful category for your library- the designer sportswear (Blassport-Anne Klein ) was not “Active” sportswear and available in Country Club pro shops. The novelty embroidery and label – make it more desirable! hope you wear it!


  5. I don’t remember those themed sweaters, but I’ll be sure to look for them. Thanks, Lizzie!

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  6. Ruth

    Why did men wear such outlandish outfits when golf became so popular in England? I’m speaking of the “Plus Fours” seen so much in the early 1900’s to the 20’s or 30’s. Even now they tend to wear some God-awful colored plaids that never occur in nature, and I seem to remember white belts and shoes worn long past the fad date, also. My grandfather was a golf nut, even had a house built that backed onto a golf course (though the large picture windows on the course side turned out to be a poor choice). He always wore a long sleeved knit shirt in muted colors and khaki pants, the same thing he wore most of his life and had a closet full of, augmented by a ball cap. Never understood how he stood the heat in Oklahoma summers, usually over a hundred for several months, dressed like that. I always liked the women’s outfits of longish skirts and twinsets, or vests and blouses, seemed sensible if a little awkward to walk in, or even neatly pressed pants like Kate Hepburn favored.


  7. Lost my reply…trying again. My aunt was an avid, low-handicap golfer 1950s-80s. She always wore conservative women’s golf apparel — crisp blouses, polos with sweaters, skorts/skirts, golf slacks or Bermuda shorts. Her style was Chanel so I can’t imagine her wearing this sweater. Maybe it was what women wore to dinner at the club after their husbands played golf all day, but they didn’t?


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