Vintage Miscellany – March 12, 2017

Yes, it did snow here in the mountains last night.  After weeks of very warm and springlike weather, winter, it seems, has returned.

All I know for sure about today’s vintage photo is that it was developed in 1956.  It must have been a bit of a warm day, with the man’s sleeves rolled, and the woman’s having unzipped hers.  I think my favorite thing about this photo is the man seen between the pair, waiting his turn to slide while the camera hogs pose.

And now for some news…


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9 responses to “Vintage Miscellany – March 12, 2017

  1. The sled says it all! I remember I had one just like it! The wearing of white obviously to the “person” consider the source – remark is NOT surprising! I would love to really comment – however – no matter what I offer up will be used and somehow twisted ! However, NO MATTER WHO is wearing the pants – suit or not / no matter white or what color – as a professional fashion executive the pantsuits worn by Mrs. Clinton were always appropriate period! WEARING WHITE in reverence to anything political or otherwise is of our freedom to do so! Cramer certainly has / should have more important thins to do? No wonder they are under fierce investigation!


  2. Christina

    Misogyny is alive and still kicking in the Republican Party. It’s hard not to let rip on Cramer’s remark. Dinosaur. It was great to see women and fashion making a political statement.


  3. Your right Liz….the bus stop article WAS cute and a great idea. How about surprising the weary travelers of Asheville with something similar ? You may count on my vote with a yea !


  4. The link to the Myanmar factory goes to the Canadian shirt article, but I googled and found this Reuters story link about it:
    BN16E1TC Good for the workers! It’s depressing though, since H&M is supposed to be at the forefront of ethical clothing production.

    I hope it’s not rude of me to share with you my favorite feel good story of last week, but . . . it is dog-related! And (very tangentially, fashion-related):

    We woke to snow this morning, and that’s a good thing. We had some too early warm weather earlier, which can be bad for the local fruit crops.


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