Vintage Miscellany – June 25, 2017

Judging by the length of the skirts, this is probably 1926 or 27. That mid-knee length on the younger woman is about as short as it got in the Twenties. Her whole outfit is great, but I especially love the rolled stockings. Or maybe it’s the polka dot headband that I love best. It’s hard to decide.

There’s lots of news, so let’s move on to it.

For those of you wondering when I’d go on another rant about social media, the time has come. And for those of you who don’t want to come here to read anything political, then you need to stop and call it a read.

Some of you probably know that I get the great majority of my Vintage Miscellany links from my Twitter feed. For years I’ve found Twitter to be the best source of fashion history and fashion issues articles. But lately (since the election, to be honest) I’ve found myself really hating Twitter. Part of it is my own fault. I started following organizations with which I agree. That led to checking the trending hashtags to see what Trump was shouting from his bully megaphone. That led to reading the comments, which led to a lots of despair about the current status of the human race.

Then, last week, Damon Linker spelled it all out for me in an articled titled “Twitter is Destroying America.” One line in particular made sense, “Twitter is a place, finally, that all-too-often transforms otherwise thoughtful people into a furious mob.”

It is, actually, more than just twitter, as a commenter pointed out. Facebook is no better, and have you ever read the comments of practically any newspaper article? The idea of being able to say anything we want, in a manner that confronts anyone who does not agree with us is now taken as one of our fundamental rights. It’s the First Amendment on amphetamines.

I’ve done a lot of thinking (not a good thing, actually) about our current situation in the USA, and I know why it produces so much anxiety in me. I had a very anxious youth, with the Vietnam War hanging over our heads, and not knowing which of the young men in my high school class would end up there, perhaps as casualties. When I met my husband in 1972, he was still mourning the loss of a childhood friend who had died in Vietnam. And then when it looked like the war was finally going to end, the whole Watergate mess became public.  It dragged on while the country’s business was put on hold. No wonder I have this déjà vu feeling whenever I open my Twitter feed.

But what is really disappointing is how many of my own generation seem to have forgotten what the 1960s and early 70s were really like. When you chant “Make America Great Again” are you thinking about Watergate, or Kent State, or Mỹ Lai, or Medgar Evers?

As Stephen Sills put it, “Nobody’s right, if everybody’s wrong.” It’s time to rethink all the online shouting, of “Hooray for our side.”



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19 responses to “Vintage Miscellany – June 25, 2017

  1. Anxious is putting it mildly! WE were trying to make sense of life and adhere to the structure we were expected to follow. Trying to go to college in DC was difficult! Demonstrations daily-Vietnam deaths -then Watergate! I will never forget what the late 60’s – 70’s were all about!


    • I was lucky to attend a small liberal arts university in a small city where even the faculty was in agreement that the political atmosphere was causing undue stress. Looking back at it I’m pretty sure that’s why there are a big keg of beer on the campus green every Friday afternoon. Yes, children, when I grew up, 18 was the legal drinking age.


  2. Christine

    Right on, sister.

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  3. Christine

    Actually, thanks for posting your thoughts. I’m so glad you spoke of anxiety. I am in groups where talking about current events is off-limits so as not to make anyone uncomfortable – that in itself produces anxiety in me.


  4. Find above comments true in my experience.
    I saw & read that same New Yorker article, but am aghast at the problems with rayon/viscose production as it’s my favourite fabric. AGHH! Is there no safe way to produce it? Am I also polluting every time I launder what I’ve got??


  5. Loved that Georgia O’Keeffe article (which had a link to an old Life magazine story about Marimekko with great photos in it).

    I love Twitter and it’s one of the few places where I find hope when I’m feeling especially down or anxious. But I totally understand why many hate it; I have similar feelings about Facebook.


  6. I’m so glad you chose to ignore those who protested against your having a voice about anything beyond fashion, Lizzie. If we discourage the civil discussion of politics, current events, and other matters of significance, everything and anything else we may choose to discuss becomes truly trivial.


  7. Who. Makes. The. Ring. Handle. Purses. Like. The. Ones. For. Teens. For. Back. In. The. 50s/60s???????? Also. The. Fold. Down. Top. Purses. For. Girls. In. Middle. School?


  8. Why. Did. Ivanka. Trump. Spends. So. Much. On. One. Dress???


    • Because she had lots of money to spend. Actually, if it’s her money, I don’t have a problem with how much she spends. People criticized Mary, Mamie, Jackie, Nancy, and Michelle for the same thing.


  9. Christina

    The US needs to stop harping on about “making America great again” and boasting about being the “greatest nation on earth” and start to recognize that a better world order will only be achieved by looking and learning from other nations who focus on building a better future for everyone. The election showed that the US is a massive divisive society. It was revealing to the rest of the world. Trump has embarrassed your country. Lizzie, you may actually be grateful to Twitter if this misogynist, disagreeable man continues to use it. It may bring his downfall.


    • Most Americans (at least most that I’ve ever had conversation with) actually do believe that the USA is the greatest country on earth. You would think we single-handedly defeated Nazism and Communism and… But at the same time, most people of my acquaintance are deeply disturbed and embarrassed by the events of the past 6 months. And after his tweets of this morning, I’m beginning to think you may to right. This just can’t continue.


  10. Para

    Agree with your comments here and PS have and love a pair of Rothy’s, very comfortable


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