Shopping with the Vintage Traveler – Fall 2018

I love fall, not because of football or because of the cooler weather, but because of all the great vintage buying opportunities. I do have priorities. The photos in this vintage shopping segment all come from the Asheville Flea for Y’all, the Hillsville, VA Flea Market, and the Liberty, NC Antiques Festival. Three different shopping experiences, all with their charms.

I spotted the little sewing chick at the Flea for Y’all. I then saw another one (or maybe it was the same) at Liberty a month later.

I try really hard to limit myself to the categories that I already collect, but this 1970s Delta Airlines shirt was a big temptation,

An interesting name for a business, don’t you think?

A seller had several of these French Spanish days of the week towels. I had to remind myself that I have enough linen towels to last my lifetime.

I had a set of sewing cards when I was very young. Someone must have known I would spend a lifetime stitching. These, alas, were unused. What a missed opportunity.

After spending the summer reading about quilts, I have to stop and examine every one I encounter. This is from the 1930s or 40s, and would be considered a scrap or strip quilt. I love how the maker stuck to the blue color scheme.  These scraps are mainly cotton, and many are from feedsacks.

Moving on to Hillsville, Virginia, which is a flea market held on Labor Day weekend. It is a true flea market, with a combination of great old stuff and crafts and guns and common junk. In short, it is not for everybody, and only the thought of all the wonderful things found here in the past keeps me going back.

This is the fabric of my dreams, and from time to time it comes up for sale as a 1950s gathered skirt. This was the back of a quilt which was very much used and washed.

That sweet baby bib looks to be from the 1930s. And on the right is the gift we all need but don’t know it – a hankie shirt.

This interesting image of a woman swimmer is on a fan, circa 1915. I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen a bathing cap with a feather.

I’m not sure how many different designs were made for feedsack bags, but there had to have been thousands. I liked that this one still had the label that identified it as being from a flour mill in Asheville. And what’s more, I’ve had this same feedsack fabric.

I love old button cards, especially those that show you what they will look like after you sew them on a shirt.

To compare with the cotton 1930s quilt above, here is a similar concept, but in rayon fabrics from the 1940s and 50s. I love the added touch of the embroidery.

And finally, this past weekend I went to the Liberty Antiques Festival. It’s kind of hard to criticize this show, as it’s about as good as it gets around here. They advertise there are absolutely no reproductions allowed at this show, but I’m afraid this is not the case. At least three sellers had nothing but new stuff made to look old.

One of my very favorite vintage sellers, the great Nanette, was there. I’ve known and bought from her for many years, and she still has one of the best booths around.

What I love about Liberty is the chance to see things that just don’t make it to the average antique mall.

I know they must be at every garage sale in New England, but 19th century hatboxes are very rare in the South. There are some Southern-made ones, as the MESDA collection has a few. This one, as expected, was labeled as being from Maine, and was priced at around $500. One with a Southern provenance would have been more, and it would have sold very quickly.




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16 responses to “Shopping with the Vintage Traveler – Fall 2018

  1. jacq staubs

    Love the hat box – never see a gentleman’s for a top hat? This one is unusual for the scenic paper?


  2. Christine

    All these wonderful textiles, Lizzie. Thank you. I especially liked the quilts and the New England hatbox. I feel like a collector just reading your blog!


  3. Verlla E. Graham

    With such a busy Monday facing me….I just had to take some sweet stolen time to go shopping with you….everything, that’s everything I enjoyed are things I could not have passed up….thanks for the trip. I should have let you know sooner….as soon as I discovered you….that The Vintage Traveler is a viewing must!


  4. Flea markets are so much fun. I go right for the textiles and skim over the rest, but it is always fun. I must say it is getting harder to find feedsacks in good condition, but it is still fun to hunt!


  5. jean f

    As a child we had sewing cards too. I thought they were redundant, since it was a fruitless effort. I could sew just fine with out them. Perhaps when I found that we had them I was already too old for them?


  6. I had sewing cards too! I loved them!

    And, ah! That compact! I remember you sharing it on your Instagram too! I am so in love with it! I collected 50s teenager things when I was a teenager, and that is SO something I would have bought back then!


  7. Myblue

    The linen towels are in Spanish (Martes = Tuesday; Remendar = to mend/patch).


  8. I wonder if the feather on the swimmer’s cap came from a diving duck? It wound look pretty bedraggled if it hadn’t.


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