Button Collecting

When friend Liza asked if I wanted to go with her to see a button collection, there was no hesitation on my part. She said it was a great collection in a historic house, but nothing prepared me for what I was to see.

The collection belongs to Linda who does live in a fabulous Victorian house in a small town in north Georgia. Liza had met her on a tour of homes, and was invited back for a closer look at Linda’s stuff. And I say stuff because it’s not just buttons, but also antique and vintage sewing and knitting implements.I thought we would stay an hour or so, but Linda and her husband, Steve, were so gracious that one hour turned to four. And we still could have stayed longer.

These buttons were stored in an old dental case, which has lots of little drawers that once held dental tools. Now each drawer is packed full of buttons. All these plaid decorated ones came from the same estate.

Button collectors often make framed assemblages of buttons on a theme. Here are some of Linda’s dog buttons.

You may not be able to tell from the photo, but this cabinet was about ten feet high. It was custom built for a coin collector.  All the little drawers are full of buttons, with some of Linda’s yarn in the shelves beneath. Linda is a knitter, and she does beautiful work.

There were fancy wooden buttons…

buttons carved from nuts…

figural bakelite buttons…

sports themed buttons…

and plastic buttons.

These printed cloth nursery rhyme buttons are still on the original card.

Remember my post that told about the Muscatine, Iowa button industry?  Linda has a shell from there with the little blanks stamped out.

But it’s not just buttons. Linda also collects other sewing things, and has a wonderful grouping of pincushions and novelty tape measures.

This little sewing machine is a music box that plays “Buttons and Bows.”

Linda also has an enviable collection of antique ribbons and trims.

This trim is silk with silver metal bauble and embroidery.

Like any good button collector, Linda loves all sorts of miniatures. This is a hiking themed pin.

I loved this tiny terrier trimmed purse.

A knitter must also collect knitting aids. These string holders are by Holt Howard and are perfect for yarn.

I’m sorry this is so fuzzy, but I had to show it anyway. This is a silver yarn holder with a bracelet ring.  Beauty and function.

Thanks so much to Liza at Better Dresses Vintage for taking me along on this button adventure.



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21 responses to “Button Collecting

  1. This is rather mind-boggling! What a fabulous experience for you!


  2. Wow cool love those Holt Howard cat and dog things


  3. Diane

    Awesome recount of your visit.
    Thanks for sharing.


  4. I can’t think of anyone I’d rather share this experience with. Who else would appreciate it as much? A very special morning, indeed, with such lovely people. I look forward to another visit.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Amanda Legare

    Lizzie and Liza – that is wonderful! Thank you for sharing and taking us along for a peek.


  6. Jacq Staubs

    Incredible! I love the silver yarn holder.The antique ribbons and trims must be as well. Cant stop looking at these.


  7. Goodness❣️ My mind boggles at all the gorgeousness—impossible to choose just one favorite…


  8. Pam in Virginia

    Just think what our lives are missing with our plain buttons. Thanks so much for showing us these, and thanks to Liza and Linda.



  9. Well, this looks like heaven to me! I hope she writes a book documenting her collection.


  10. Thank you for the tour! The sheer inventiveness is delicious. P.S. I think Liza sent me an email and I accidentally spammed it! Sorry!


  11. Thank you for sharing your visit to this wonderful collection!


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