Vintage Miscellany

The above photo is in honor of March Madness.  I’m not into college basketball at all, but I was strangely proud when the little liberal arts university I graduated from actually made the tournament and actually won their first game.  Maybe they would have done even better with the kneeling woman as their coach!

*  Someone posted a link on twitter to a tumbler site that was just old girls’ basketball teams.  Of course I can’t find it now, but check out these on google images.

*  The de Young Fine Arts Museum in San Francisco has opened a new exhibition, Balenciaga and Spain.  It is running through July 4, 2011.

*  Hamish Bowles was the guest curator of this exhibit, and there is a delightful audio interview with him on Forum with Michael Krasny.

*  The New York Times published a photo essay on Mendel Goldberg Fabrics, established in 1890, and the last of the once numerous family-owned fabric stores in the city.

*  I found the above link through Exhibiting Fashion, which you really should be reading.

*  Jody posted this little tour of vintage shopping in Paris and it really made me jealous.

*  And finally, from the fabulous Ascher site, how to frame a scarf.

A personal note:  I’d like to thank everyone who drops in here on a regular basis to read The Vintage Traveler.  After moving to wordpress, my daily traffic took a nosedive, but I’m happy to say that the numbers are starting to climb and I don’t feel so lonely anymore!  And I really appreciate all of you who also take the time to post a comment or two.  It keeps me from talking to myself!


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3 responses to “Vintage Miscellany

  1. KeLLy Ann

    another hit with a Vintage photo!
    Yeah, it took me a little while to find the new site, but I’m here as long as you are!


  2. It’s truly a pleasure to come here on a regular basis. I always learn so much!


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