Ragtime Vintage Clothing, Asheville

Sometimes I think I must be living in a fog.  A good example is the fact that this store, Ragtime Vintage, has been open in Asheville for seven (or did she say nine???) years, and I’d never seen or even heard of it.  Granted, it is a bit off the beaten path, on Walnut Street, but I pride myself in knowing such things.

But no matter, because this little gem of a store is now on my regular circuit of Asheville haunts.   I’d like it even better if I were a guy, because most of the store has the best selection of early 60s boy vintage that I’ve run across in a long time.  Still, the women’s selection was small but select, with the best stuff, again, from the early 60s.  Honestly, it was just nice walking into a vintage store that was not 95% polyester 70s and 80s.

Loving that “College Shop” sign!


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2 responses to “Ragtime Vintage Clothing, Asheville

  1. I do love to find hidden gems like this. Looks like a very nice shop too.


  2. Super cute shop–that nautical sweater!


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