Ad Campaign – Hanes Seamless Nylons, 1962

The Perfect Gift!  Irresistible Seamless Nylons * In an Irresistible Christmas Box

I’ve never received hosiery as a gift, but if I did I think I’d feel like all the men and boys over the years who got socks in their Christmas stockings:  let down, disappointed, dejected.  That is, unless they came in this irresistible Christmas box, and in that case, all would be forgiven.

I miss packaging like this.  In 50 years will people look back at ads from 2012 and think they are charming?


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7 responses to “Ad Campaign – Hanes Seamless Nylons, 1962

  1. Vintage Christmas ads are simply fabulous! I would love to paper my walls during the holidays with vintage ads.

    Regarding getting hosiery for Christmas, if I were to receive it back then, I think I would be rather upset. However, if I were to receive stockings, say beautiful, high-quality fully fashioned stockings, I think I’d be very pleased.

    Ha! Today’s ads, charming!? Not one bit.



  2. maureen

    My kids, now grown, still love our tradition of getting gifts from Santy Paws (socks) and Panty Clause (underwear). They did and do get other gifts. lol


  3. Teresa

    Ha! I sometimes wonder the same question Lizzie. Will the ads of today be thought as charming in 50 years times? Maybe! Nostalgia can be a funny thing! 😉


  4. I love old packaging art! It really is a charming box.

    Maybe in the next 50 years they will think of something less frustrating than clam-shell packaging! Some of the packaging that electronics come in today are quite interesting in terms of engineering though.


  5. I would have been delighted to recieve stockings. I reember my first pair and the excitement of being grown up enough to wear them. Keeping the seams straight was time-consuming, though. I was shocked when seamless were introduced. I associated the seam variety with glamourous old-time actresses! Made the change “seamlessly” though! LOL


  6. Fashion Witness

    Christmas stockings? Having enough stockings was always a luxury for me. I was taught to always buy two or three pairs at a time, so that a run in one meant I would still have a pair — at least until I got a run in five…. I don’t know how many mornings I spent rummaging through the hosiery drawer trying to find two stockings the same color. These seamless stockings were heaven to me. I always got a blister on the sole of my foot from wearing seamed stockings with stiletto heels. I usually wore my seamed stockings inside out for this reason. Yes, the seams made my legs look slimmer, but the bliss of walking without pain was worth the switch to seamless in the 1960s. One Christmas, I received a rather extravagant nightie and robe set — I was more of a flannel wearer. I returned the negligee set to the store and exchanged it for an entire box — 12 pairs — of matching Hanes seamless stockings. Bliss…. Incidentally, some folks may not realize that stockings didn’t have much stretch: they came in almost as many sizes as shoes.


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