Season Opener

Last week was what I consider to be the opening event of flea market season – the Charlotte Metrolina Flea.  That’s my name for the event.  The official name – The International Collectibles and Antiques Show – sort of makes it seem a bit grander than it really is.  Not that there are not lots of collectibles, and even antiques, but this is truly a mix of the highbrow and the lowbrow.

My favorite thing this time around was not even for sale.  It was the clever reuse of a vintage travel trailer as a portable store.  It’s called The Go Girl Shoppe, and it was just the cutest thing there.

I was a day later than I like to go due to rain on Friday, and when that happens I tend to obsess over what the people who were willing to wear rubber boots and carry umbrellas found and bought while I was home warm and dry.  And invariably some sadistic dealer has to tell about all the fabric he sold for $1 a piece the day before.

It was a good day to find vintage patterns.  It almost made me wish I was  still selling them.  I said, almost

This 1940s stunner was found in a stack of 1960s patterns.

I was almost hypnotised by this paint-by-number Pinkie.  I realized that it was the lack of pupils in her eyes that drew me in.

This is Scarf Mountain.  I didn’t look through them all, as I encountered this vendor back in November and I didn’t have the energy to plow through the pile.  Maybe I should have, because this is where I found a lovely 1960s Liberty of London scarf last fall.

Lots of great petticoats in this booth.

This fabric was part of a major ad campaign by Springs Mills starting in 1947.  The sexually suggestive nature of the ads made them controversial.  Today we’d be more shocked by the sexism and racism implicit in the the ads than the images themselves.  It’s an interesting bit of textile history that today is more relevant as social history.

The company actually had Cole of California make the fabric up into various items of clothing.  Scroll down to see the ad where this fabric is shown.

And, just for fun, here’s one last look at the Go Girl Shoppe.


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15 responses to “Season Opener

  1. cass

    i am so jealous! so want those patterns 😀


  2. Liz…I usually go to Metrolina each month….but I had out of town company this time. I would have loved to shop along. (Actually, I never shop with anyone…too often you love the same vintage piece…but we COULD share one of those gooey things sprinkled with power sugar everyone eats.)

    However, I appreciate the pictures of the traveling trailer store front. I am forwarding it to an Atlanta friend who has just purchased a similar vintage trailer to make a candy store on wheels. She will appreciate your picture. Many thanks…from me and from her, too!


  3. we sell vintage american caravans suitable for retail stores go to
    thank you sarah


  4. This market looks great! I would adore to have a vintage caravan to sell vintage from.


  5. That 40s cloak pattern is gorgeous. I trust that one made it home with you!


  6. I’m jealous as well – of the flea market …and the weather!


  7. I totally understand the “what am I missing” syndrome as I sit here instead of getting to the thrifts cuz I slept too late to ride in with the Hubby. We have several of these camper trailer vintage vendors around here and a vintage clothing bus that is fantastic.


  8. OK, I want some of those $1.50 vintage patterns. And The Go Girl Shoppe is so cute. I love to go to flea markets – thanks for sharing your pictures.


  9. Yep..the cape pattern..stunning! in fact all of it looks like a slice of heaven.. xxx


  10. This is my kind of heaven as well. Patterns for $1.50! I can’t sew very well but somehow can’t stop buying patterns. I also know what it’s like to feel like “all the good stuff will be gone.”


  11. Everyone is into vintage caravans at markets over here now, and festivals etc. but I’ve not seen one you walk into like a real shop so that’s pretty cute and would give so much protection to the stock. You guys get stuff so cheap over there it’s not fair!!


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