Ad Campaign – Yardley, 1968

Jean Shrimpton might have been the face of 1967, but 1968 belonged to Olivia Hussey.   It was the year she co-starred in Franco Zeffirelli’s Romeo and Juliet.  His timing was perfect, as the world was still enamoured with all things British.  Olivia was the perfect Juliet with her long dark hair and expressive eyes.

The Yardley people knew a cosmetics star when they saw one, and in 1968 their ads were all about Olivia/Juliet.  They even had a line of lipfrosts they called the Poetry Collection:

Yardley’s new Poetry Collection: Nine tender lipfrosts designed to make a Juliet of you.  And a Romeo of him.

Interesting, but this ad for lipstick showed a young woman whose makeup was all about the eyes.  That was the late 1960s for you!

For all of 1968, it seemed that Olivia Hussey and Leonard Whiting, who played Romeo, were everywhere.  They were featured in magazines like Seventeen, and of course in the fan magazines like 16 and Tiger Beat.  And they must have sold a million of the poster that showed the pair touching palms.

It was right in step with the direction that fashion was heading.  After the straight silhouette and graphic feel of the Mod look, girls were ready for a softer, more romantic style.   What better than Romeo and Juliet to put us in the proper mood?


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14 responses to “Ad Campaign – Yardley, 1968

  1. This post is certainly a trip down memory lane!


  2. Karen Antonowicz

    Love everything about this! The ad, your words, and the memory of receiving Yardley Lipslicks the same year I saw Romeo and Juliet for the first time!


  3. Teresa

    Olivia Hussey is beautiful and I adore the ad. It’s funny how I didn’t really notice how the ad really does focus on her eyes rather than her lips until you mentioned it. Her eyes are too captivating!


  4. Bonnie Carlin

    I still have a tube of Yardley lipstick (Mauve Ode) – don’t ask me why I saved it but I was totally caught up with the movie and it’s stars! In fact, my junior year prom dress was modeled after the Juliet style including a Juliet cap which my dear mother lovingly handcrafted. Those were the days!!


  5. whitequeen54

    I SO wanted to look like Olivia Hussey. But with red hair, green eyes, and freckles I knew it was never going to happen . . .


  6. I can’t believe I’ve never seen the film Romeo and Juliet. I remember seeing Olivia Hussey’s image everywhere as a child and was very influenced by the romantic images in magazine editorials and ads. I know my love of medieval (which I went on to study in grad school) and Pre-Raphaelite art was due to these types of images. Even today, I love to incorporate ‘medieval’ elements in my clothing. Thanks for the flashback!


    • Well, you simply must see it. In fact, I think I need to revisit this one.


      • Sharon

        I just ordered and am enjoying the remastered CD of the music score. I have the album from 1968 and the movie soundtrack. Loved it when it came out on VHS now I need the DVD. Right I have the baloney scene as my desk top at work. Loved those fashions and make up back then, I was so young!


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  8. Romeo and Juliet was a great movie but reading the book in school was torture. I just wanted to get to the movie. Typical teenager???
    Honey Stop The Car


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