Jamacia Shirt by Caribbean Rose

I love clothing that is travel themed, but I really rarely buy what is a purely tourist piece.  Above you can see an exception to that rule.  The shirt’s print is advertising Jamaica and various hotels and resorts there.  But what is really love is the “beachcomber” design.  It has ziz-zagged edges to mimic those of Robinson Crusoe.

My best guess it that it is from the early to mid 1960s.  I haven’t taken the time to research the places mentioned though, and I suspect doing do will confirm (or not!) my guess.  I did find the perfect website to start my search, Jamaica Hotel History.  It’s almost like the universe wants to make this search super simple.

The label gives no information as to where it was made, but this type of printed tag is pretty common on old tourist pieces.

In 1960 the Disney version of The Swiss Family Robinson was released, so it could be that people were looking for a beachcomber type thing.  And in some of the early 1960s beach movies, some of the characters were things with similar edges.  It must have been a beach thing.

And now, on to the search!


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9 responses to “Jamacia Shirt by Caribbean Rose

  1. The typography in that print is so cool! I don’t usually like words all over my fabric for clothes, but I really like the look of this print. And the pointed edges are fun!


  2. Love the typography and good luck with your search!


    • I had a long-time vintage friend send photos of another top that used this same fabric. It had a tie at the waist, and a different lebel, both of which are with the dates I’m quite sure this is. Still, I need to read about those resorts, don’t you think?


  3. Cute shirt, and I like the colors. In the past I have purchased ‘tourist fabric’ from St. Croix USVI, and from Key West, FL. In both instances, I was given labels for the fabric business so that I could sew them into the garments I made.


    • That’s interesting. Did you get Key West Handprints fabric?


      • Yes that was the one in Key West, but I don’t remember the one in St. Croix. I may still have those labels at our California house, so I’ll look when I get back this fall and let you know what it was. (Although I’m sure it wasn’t the one you have in your post.)


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