What I Didn’t Buy – Wool Bonnie Cashin Coat

I lucked into a vintage pop-up shop on the streets of Asheville yesterday, and as I was hurriedly pawing through the racks this coat appeared.  I was pretty sure it was a Bonnie Cashin for Sills, and sure enough I found the label in the side of the coat.

I went for the price tag and was shocked to see it priced at $8, and then I noticed the words, “As is.”  Not a good sign.

It didn’t take long to find the reason for the cheap price.  At the hem of the coat the leather had pulled loose from the wool in several places.   In addition there were places where the wool was a bit worn looking, and the lining, which was jersey knit, was riddled with holes.

For a few minutes, my mind was working through the problems, and I had myself convinced that I could save this beautiful coat.    It would involve removing the leather binding at the hem, cutting off an inch or two, and reattaching the leather.  I actually did this with a Pendleton coat a while back, but the bulky textured wool of this coat would be trickier than the smooth Pendleton.  And then there were all those holes to mend, and some reweaving to boot.  Then it occurred to me that my entire wardrobe consists of cool colors with only a piece or so of pink and orange, and no yellow at all.  I decided to leave this coat for someone who would love it, mend it, and wear it.

The wool was really special.  It could possibly be one of the Bernat Klein tweeds that Cashin is known to have used.

The only closure was a leather tie slightly above the waist.

A real heart-breaker, this one.

But all was not lost.  At the same sale I found a really special piece, which I’ll be showing off next week.


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18 responses to “What I Didn’t Buy – Wool Bonnie Cashin Coat

  1. Rebecca

    Oh how I wish I had been with you Lizzie! It would be in my closet right now! Can’t wait to see what you actually bought. 🙂


  2. This is very lovely wool. I would have big problem to leave it behind but I can understand.


  3. Carrie

    Very disciplined of you to leave it behind, Lizzie, at a crazy price like that! Hope it finds its way to good home soon…


  4. Tempting, but I think you made a good call. Sometimes those things are better in photos than in the closet.


  5. Such a pretty coat! Armchair shopping with you is so much fun, Lizzie!


  6. vastlycurious.com

    I sincerely doubt anyone but you would have given it the attention it requires. I loved it and wish you had bought it. I was picturing the repair work although I would have enlisted the help of my tailor . I understand projects that never happen though!


  7. Well, if I wore wool I would have bought this and tried to save it for the colors alone. But you are right, better to leave it for someone who loved all its elements. I think it’s interesting that the trim is the least bright color…I wouldn’t have picked it, but it’s perfect!


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