Made in the USA: Hats by Satya Twena

Late last year I ran across an interesting Kickstarter campaign.  A young hat designer, Satya Twena, was hoping to save one of the last two remaining hat factories in Manhattan.  Twena had been working with hats made at the Makins Factory when she heard that the factory was closing.  Her business had become dependent on the factory, so she decided to try and save it.  She ran a very successful Kickstarter, and the factory is once again up and running.

Contributors to the campaign got to pick out a hat, and I finally settled on this navy woven straw fedora.  It’s a bit different from the hats I usually wear, but I liked it and thought, “Why not?”

There were dozens and dozens of hats to choose from, but I’m very happy with the one I got.  It fits perfectly and looks snappy.

The hats are made the old fashioned way using vintage machines and hat blocks.  The materials are hand blocked using steam and skill to fashion the shape.

I’ve noticed lately that Twena’s company has been getting a lot of press coverage, including Glamour and Lucky magazines, along with the  Today Show.  If you are interested in a new, top quality hat, there are plenty of styles for sale on the Satya Twena website.

And I even found a photo of me wearing the hat several months ago at the Liberty antiques Festival.  I added a scarf for a bit more color.  Seriously, I had women stopping me wanting to know where I got the hat.  One even tried to buy it!


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11 responses to “Made in the USA: Hats by Satya Twena

  1. It’s amazing how wearing a hat will cause strangers to stop briefly to talk to you! That happens to me too – almost every time I wear one!

    I love the hat you chose! Hats are wonderful conversation starters and smile inducers. I wish everyone still wore hats (or maybe not everyone because then mine wouldn’t be so novel).


  2. I love to hear about success stories like this. Your hat is fabulous, Lizzie!


  3. I really like that hat. So nice to hear about this brand.


  4. From all the hats I saw on her website, I like yours the most. With or without the scarf. Spot on choices Lizzie, on all accounts including the kickstarter support.


  5. Snappy indeed! And you’re doing your bit for bringing back the Made in the US. Great purchase!


    • Thanks! I’m really enjoying your book!


      • Oh thank you so much! I’m delighted to hear it!

        If you still feel that way when you finish (or even if you don’t, that’s okay too), please consider writing a little review on Amazon. My book gets entered into promotions in other parts of the world based on regular reviews. Last month, Australia 😀

        Hope you’re enjoying your summer! xo


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