Ad Campaign – James Kenrob, 1962

Here’s that girl again… in “Americana” Double Knit-mates

Best of the new – sleek wool double knits to mate in seventeen plus ways.  Newest of the new – boldly printed fut blend cardigans that top everything.  The whole kitten’ kaboodle from our “Americana” collection priced to please college and career budgets.

As the ad says, James Kenrob was a division of Dalton.  Dalton was one of the major cashmere makers in the US, and they made wool skirts to coordinate with their high quality sweaters.  In 1959 Dalton registered the James Kenrob trademark.  Under that label the company produced double knits in both wool and synthetic fibers.

I really, really do love this sweater.  I have a thing for argyle and harlequin prints, and I think the color combination of green and blue looks so fresh.  And how about that coordinating cushion and headband, not to mention her hair and the apple!


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10 responses to “Ad Campaign – James Kenrob, 1962

  1. I love this sweater too! It was be wonderful to get your mitts on one! I love her chunky charm bracelet too! Such a 60s detail!


    • When I was a little girl in the early 60s, this is really how the teenagers in my area dressed. I always loved the older girls on the school bus and admired their style. I do believe that is why I’m still so fond of early 60s fashion.


      • me too .. Black Watch is so classic…i am always so impressed with Ralph Lauren and the use of the Black Watch Plaid…thse ey use it in the Mens and womens collections -we used it in Home / Interiors as well…we had a sofa and chairs covered in it-just great!…the bracelet is such a part of the period…


  2. pure and VERY American…the “co-ordinated seperates” really defined the period,,, some refered to it as the “Country Club” look – and or the “Junior Leaguer”-both mother and daughter loved it in the 50’s-early /mid 60’s.. i love the sweater ,et.all , as well Lizzie…the art work is the speial thing about this for me…the fashion illustration ads were so inspiring-the advertising in all of the fashion magazines was great! the Sunday newspaper ads were even better! Thank You Lizzie for this


  3. I wonder if the 1966 TV sitcom “That Girl” could have chosen the name because of this girl in the ad. She even looks like Marlo Thomas and Marlo’s hair was styled the same way in the show. I don’t know how well known these ads were but it made me wonder.


  4. I DO remember when fashion started using blue and green together. It surprised me to see how good they looked together. I love this artist’s casiual style…so relaxed. Thanks.


  5. Well, I imagine that sweater in blue and red for you, Lizzie! Love the ad–wouldn’t it be wonderful to know who the artist was?


  6. there was a famous illustrator used in that time frame…wish i could remember his name-he did a lot of fashion advertising and store logos – Lord and Taylor and Bonwitt Teller…the bouquet of violets…remember? those wonderful Sunday ads in the papers…and in the Fashion Magazines as well-


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