On the Road

I’m headed off to the coast for a few days with one of my oldest friends, and I only wish we could look as classy as the young woman above, seated with her aunt on a German beach. It may be October, but our Southern beaches are still warm, and there are lots of historical sights to be seen. To see what’s happening, check in on Instagram. I promise not to be too annoying.


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3 responses to “On the Road

  1. I envy you Lizzie – to me Fall is the best beach time. I have reached my friend/contact at KWHPF-will be speaking to her in AM tomorrow for U Have a wonderful time!


  2. Reba Worth

    I first read about these hooded wicker beach chairs in a Betty Neels’ romance novel…she described them as “much envied by the English,” so I was immediately curious about them. I am so thankful for the internet to learn about these things, and in the same way, I look forward to each episode of The Vintage Traveler. Bon Voyage!

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  3. Be annoying as you want-especially if you find some great vintage shops!


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