I know; it’s been a while. As the title says, we are in the process of downsizing. What that means is that we are selling the adorable little cottage where I have stored my collection for the past sixteen years. So between sorting through everything, and getting my priorities straight, time and energy have been short.

We bought the cottage after my mother-in-law was flooded out of her house in 2004. We thought she might want to live there, but as it turned out she didn’t. But we kept the house anyway and over the years it has been a source of joy to me. We held family gatherings there. And I have spent lots of happy hours with my stuff.

But now the cottage has to go, and it’s really more for its sake than for mine. We simply can’t keep up with the maintenance of a 116 year old house. It’s for the best. And yet, here I am forced to reassess the items I’ve accumulated over the past two decades.

So please bear with me while the sorting and rehoming continues! But don’t worry, the vast part of my collection is staying with me.

And now for a public service announcement:

Get the covid vaccine. This is not rocket science, but it is biology. Vaccines work. That’s why you don’t have to worry about polio or the measles. That’s why smallpox is no longer naturally occurring in our world. This is not political. It is doing the right thing for humanity.


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22 responses to “Downsizing

  1. Cathrine Bass

    Best of luck with your downsize endeavor, I need to do that myself.
    Thank you so much for the PSA. Couldn’t agree with you more, just wish everyone did!!

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  2. Vicky Loebel

    The one thing I love about weeding out collections is that it gives me a chance to spend time with each thing and appreciate it again. Thank you for sharing your special things with us & best of luck with your downsizing adventure!

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    • Vicky Loebel

      PS. Ditto vaccine. For anyone hesitating, please do your own research instead of listening to rumors. It might or might not change your mind, but either way it’s worthwhile, right?

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  3. Best of luck with your downsizing because I know your only collected that which was important. I do agree about the vaccine! I live in Missouri and we have made headlines for all the negative reasons.

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  4. Michael McKewna

    If you are selling any mens bathing suits I would be very interested in buying them,Thank You-Mike Mc Kenna


  5. Michellebeth

    I too appreciate you PSA and may do the same myself on my blog. Thank you for the inspiration.

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  6. Ruth Beaty

    Ugh, down sizing, a project I know too well. Mine has been going on “hrmph, hrmph” five years now. I moved from a three bed house to a bedroom and storage. Now I have to move again (temporarily, I hope) to care for a relative so many things are either leaving me or going into storage. It’s been a process… Hope yours goes quicker and easier!


  7. Ruth Beaty

    And yes, I actually did get the shots, and several more this year, unfortunately, lol. Had a pneumonia shot (because I somehow came down with it). a tetanus shot (yay, tick bites), and now the TDAP because my newest granddaughter was a preemie and we prefer to be cautious around her. Honestly, I hadn’t considered having that one until my daughter mentioned it, but it seems like a good idea as I have lung problems. My arm is getting a little sore, lol. Plus blood draws frequently because some of my levels are a little off. (you wouldn’t think potassium or sodium would be such a big deal until it is).

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  8. Good luck with downsizing; I hope you have a few of those “I’ d forgotten all about this one” moments to reward you, although I know you keep very good records and probably won’t have many surprises. And your psa is great: my husband and I were children in the Fifties, so we remember and knew people who had contracted polio: The “withered limbs,” the iron lungs, the people with braces on their legs so they could walk. The fear our parents tried to hide from us when we saw a fly in the house. Polio vaccine was a miracle and it changed our world. Thanks to other vaccines, child mortality rates dropped tremendously in the 20th century.


  9. jacqstaubssyahoocom

    Thank YOU for the notice-starting to be concerned about you-your downsizing ( I know) can be / is overwhelming. I am still finding pieces 8 years later! None of it belongs to me. Absolutely correct with your P S A We are in Florida – need I I say more? Please take care – stay safe.


  10. I’m dealing with this myself. Could do with any advice. My mother passed last year (depression era baby) she had saved absolutely everything. It is driving me nuts, I go in spurts. Also with the COVID the charity shops (at least here in Canada) have gone all stupid about accepting donations. How can chinaware or crystal that has been through the dishwasher at like I don’t know how many degrees have germs on it? My husbands lunatic daughter and her husband refuse to be vaccinated because some crazy doctor in Germany is telling people it will make them sterile? Hello? On what planet is this happening. I think you will understand my frustration. I am a heart patient and cannot be around unvaccinated people. Anyway that is my vent of the day. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. All the best.

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  11. It’s a matter of attitude, IMO. Downsizing can be joyful, especially if you give away things to persons (often younger) who are delighted to have them. Did it 10 yrs ago, moving from large house to small apt. If things hold memories but are bulky to store, take a photo of it (a nice one).
    Thank you for the PSA.


  12. Copying your PSA to my website, if I can figure out how, with attribution. Amen, sister. So tired of explaining to people why their kids haven’t died of diphtheria or been crippled by polio. So tired of explaining that no vaccine can change your DNA, and that these are not “experimental.” In fact, they’ve been in development for more than 10 years and are among the most highly tested, on the greatest number of individuals of varying ethnicity, age, and health status, of any vaccines in history. For those worried about being tracked by an implanted microchip? Better toss your cell phone, computer, and possibly your household appliances, if you have the new-fangled sort. They’re already doing that.


  13. seweverythingblog

    Well done, adding the PSA. By the way, does the pretty lady in the picture have an identity? Or is it an unidentified photo in your collection?


  14. Good luck with the process! It’s never fun, but I do hope in going through your collection you relive memories and find new and wonderful homes for your amazing pieces.

    Thank you also for the PSA! And I absolutely LOVE this photo you have featured!


  15. Brikka

    Thank you for the PSA – here’s hoping everyone who needs to takes it to hear. And best of luck with the downsizing; I hope it leads to inspiration and new adventures.


  16. Carly

    Best wishes with your downsize! I am an avid collector and would be more than interested in purchasing from your lovely collection 🙂


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