Side Tracked

“Honeymoon Catch, Sept 1912” The bride is not identified but it looks as though she was a successful angler. It’s hard to see, but she’s standing in mud, a situation with which I, unfortunately, can relate.

You might not associate hurricanes and tropical storms with the Appalachian Mountains as we are 300 miles from the Atlantic, but when the perfect storm forms over the Gulf Coast we can get heavy rains that funnel through the narrow river valleys. This happened last week when Fred came through. It was sudden and devastating to communities on the rivers. Lives were lost. Two hundred homes were destroyed. Many small, local businesses, including our fabulous little brewery were damaged.

I was lucky. My husband’s childhood home which we own but do not live in, is on the Pigeon River in Clyde, NC. Unlike 2004 when Hurricane Frances and nine days later Hurricane Ivan both brought four feet of water into the house, we had only about five to eight inches. There was a thick layer of mud on the floors, but thanks to the best friends in the world and the kindness of strangers, the house is now clean and dry.

One thing that helped was that money was spent to develop a flood runoff park just upstream from my little town. It’s an example of town planning that worked to lessen the impact of this flood. Upstream the situation was much more devastating.

The 2004 floods were referred to as 100 year events, but here we are seventeen years later with another one. Only fools think climate change is not real. We need to look at the attitudes toward climate change of candidates at all levels of government. We simply cannot continue on this path.


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9 responses to “Side Tracked

  1. Sorry to hear about the communities being hit hard. Unfortunately such events might become much more frequent than in the past.
    Wise words about candidates and climate change. Hard to imagine that some people still refuse to acknowledge the problem..

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  2. Lizzie! Glad to hear you’re safe & grateful your town did what it could to mitigate damages. Agree with you & Judith above. Climate change must be acknowledged and addressed.

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  3. jacqstaubssyahoocom

    Downsizing – now this?! Yes-i can identify with the tropical storm effect in the mountains. On QuiraukMountain where my family home is , and i grew up- i can remember even the gentle spring fed streams/brooks tirning into raging rivers.What followed was not pretty. Interestingphoto -i want the bamboo poles! How did she keep that crisp white blouse so clean? Goin fishing?!You are so lucky to have wonderful friens so close to help.(I) think we are being reminded by Mother Nature the error of our ways!Stay well/safeO.

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  4. Nann

    Glad you are okay, Lizzie. It’s still August and we’ve had these huge storms — with two months more in the hurricane season. (P.S. Hope your downsizing is progressing satisfactorily. I think it’s easier to acquire than to discard/sell off.)


  5. jacqstaubssyahoocom

    Dearest Lizzie , Indeed She has! As they say – “It ain’t over until the fat Lady sings”!? I fear a filibustering style concert is on the way! Stay well/safe.


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