A New Home for my Collection

My collection is now safely housed in its new home, a little prefab cabin. It’s not ideal, though I’m working toward light and climate control. I’m in the process of making blackout curtains for the four windows. Next year the cabin will be insulated and paneled. But for now, I’m happy that everything fit in.

The neighbors are calling it the museum. I need to investigate the sizes of the world’s smallest museums. I might qualify for the Guinness Book.

In preparing for the move, I put as many things as possible in storage boxes. Now that I’m in the new building I see that I have more hanging space, and even room for another rack. I greatly prefer hanging storage, but not everything can be hung. Knits and delicate things will stay in the boxes.
I painted the walls to increase the brightness of the rooms and to keep the hanging clothes from coming into contact with the acidic wood. The exposed wood was varnished for the same reason.
The boxes are acid-free quilt storage boxes. There are thirty of them, neatly stacked according to decade. The contents of each box is written on a card attached to the box.
The hatboxes have all been treated with an acid neutralizer, and I also have muslin barriers inside all of them. My rubber bathing caps are not stored in the building. They are too susceptible to temperature fluctuations so until we get this space under better climate control, they remain in our house.


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22 responses to “A New Home for my Collection

  1. Christine Seid

    Looks like great space and you have obviously put a great deal of thought and research into what the collection needs to be preserved. A small museum indeed.


  2. Nann

    What a nice ‘museum’! And you have a little room for new acquisitions….


  3. Amanda Legare

    This is so exciting Lizzie. Congrats!


  4. jacqstaubssyahoocom

    The prefab building (while not yet perfect re: climate ( i think) is wonderful. It is air tight/clean and should resist mildew. For all intense and purpose – the perfect start. This is the only collection of it’s kind. Looks like a museum to me.Contributions of all sorts welcome? Or does that get “tricky”? Congrats. O,Jacq


    • Someone on Instagram suggested I consider one of the donation sites for people who want to contribute. But the tax part looks tricky, so I’m hesitant to take cash contributions.

      But gifts of objects are always welcome. Some of the nicest items in the collection were gifts.


  5. jacqstaubssyahoocom

    PS I amsure you can use extra hands on – the intern programs at the local universities (fashion merchandising/history,etc. are a great resource? I used them in DC/NYC/Knoxville?


  6. mrsoldgeezer

    My internet friend https://instagram.com/thetinyhouseofvintage?utm_medium=copy_link did this too! She’s loving it, and does well on Insta when she let’s some items go.


  7. Spinsjal

    Waiting to hear admission price! Wonderful!


  8. Paul

    It’s so exciting to see it all together. What a terrific collection and a lovely museum. Congratulations.


  9. Maria Morales

    Hi Lizzy, Beautiful setup. Can i ask you where did you buy the Acid-Free quilt boxes and the acid neutralzer?
    Thank You,
    Maria Morales


  10. K.B.

    This is amazing. Long-time reader. Would love admission to your museum, even all the way from Canada. With an archivist in the family, glad to see you are investing in proper boxes!


  11. Oh my goodness! I love this! And yes, I’m with your neighbors calling it a museum! I would love to visit! Can’t wait to see it progress!


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