1930s Roadhome Pullman Coach Catalog

I have always loved vintage travel trailers, and even considered searching out one in which to store my collection. Had I had more time, I might have actually pursued that option. As it turns out, I did add a trailer related object to my collection, this mid to late 1930s catalog for Roadhome Pullman Coaches.

There’ no date in the catalog, so I had to go by the dates to figure out when it was published. The models of the cars are probably the best clues, but I know little about vintage cars. So I went with the clothing the people are wearing. The lengths of the dresses and the hair styles sure look 1935 – 1936 to me. If you are a vintage car know-it-all, feel free to enlighten me.

Travel trailers had been around for a while in the 1930s. People had been using their autos for camping since the early days of the automobile. There were specially made tents that attached to the car, with the auto itself being used for sleeping. But as more people were hitting the ever-improving American highways, camping setups became more luxurious.

Why rough it and spend hours setting up camp when one could have a fully stocked cabin on wheels? There’d be more time for relaxing.

Campfires were optional when one had a fully-functioning kitchen.

That refrigerator is actually an icebox, though you could upgrade to gas or electrical. Power was limited, and so was conserved when possible.

At night the sofa became a bed. The walls were made of mahogany, a feature I’ve noticed in other trailers of that era.

These floor plans make the Roadhome look nice and spacious. If you have noticed the lack of a bathroom, the bathtub is hidden beneath a seat, and the toilet is contained in a closet.

What’s interesting is how the basic fundaments of a travel trailer have not changed much since the 1930s. They still have tiny kitchens and toilets concealed in closets. Furniture still serves double-duty when possible. But somehow the vintage ones are just more charming. Maybe I should find one for myself anyway.


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18 responses to “1930s Roadhome Pullman Coach Catalog

  1. Interesting that air conditioning was considered standard equipment!


  2. Bike Bubba

    Notice how light they are. For comparison, the Airstream Bambi 16′ is similar in size, but weighs in at 3000lbs. Of course, I’m not seeing a whole lot of them available on eBay, so I’m guessing that light weight might have had an adverse effect on longevity! In contrast, Airstreams often last half a century or more.


  3. jacqstaubssyahoocom

    llve it especially the light fixture over sink / stove! The plaid button tufted covered matress is wonderfull. am sure there was ventilation – no fan?


  4. lauriebrown54

    I love that she’s wearing high heels while camping! She’s my kind of camper!


  5. morningwaters

    I have a vintage 1965 Kencraft travel trailer and groups of us meet regularly for trailer rallies throughout the United States. We are just getting back to having open house during the rally so the public can come and see the interiors of these lovingly repaired and restored trailers. So find one near you and visit us! Vintagecampertrailers.com has a list of nation wide rallies.


    • That sounds like so much fun! We are in the process of having my husband’s childhood car, a 1962 Plymouth restored. We need a camper from the early 60s to match!


      • morningwaters

        Going to the rallies at the open house day is a good way to see what the various trailer types are to help you narrow down what you want to live with and to go with your Plymouth. The other important factor is how much trailer weight your restored car can safely pull. Think about beefing up the suspension and brakes.


  6. I have a 1946 Kenskill teardrop sleeping in my garage in San Diego, as I’ve been living in France for 12 years. I often went on vintage trailer rallies with it. There is a very robust community of vintage camping and trailer enthusiasts in California. I love the old trailers, and camping with a couple hundred of them is quite special.
    bonnie in provence


  7. What a delightful post! Brings back fond memories of Lucy and Desi in “The Long, Long Trailer”.


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