Sea Cruise Novelty Skirt

First, I want to thank everyone who posted on facebook or who tweeted about my post yesterday on circle skirts.  Thanks to some nice publicity yesterday was the best traffic day ever for the Vintage Traveler, and I know it was due to all the sharing and tweeting.

So as a thank you, here are a few photos of my latest travel themed skirt.  I know that’s a pretty lame gift, but I know you people and I know you always love seeing a top notch novelty print, especially when it is in the form of a vintage  full skirt!

There is no selvage present in the skirt, but I’m sure it is from the same artist as several of the others in my collection:  Tin Horn Holiday and Oasis.  Enjoy the details.


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15 responses to “Sea Cruise Novelty Skirt

  1. Teresa

    Absolutely gorgeous!


  2. Oh this is divine and the print is pretty hilarious!! I love the tourist going up the stairs – the sailor looks like “oh god I hate my job” hehhe!!!!


  3. Such fun! Thanks for sharing. 😉 xx


  4. What a fun print. It’s gorgeous. Lucky you to own it. Glad you had such a good ‘traffic’ day yesterday but I’m not surprised – you’re blog is always so interesting and informative. M x


  5. lemur178

    Fabulous print I’d never seen before. I’m also very curious about the designer. ‘Tin Horn Holiday’ and ‘Oasis’ seem to come from the same collection as ‘Paddington Station’ and ‘Roller Coaster’, both ‘Regulated Cotton Never Misbehaves’ fabrics, which came in several colourways. ‘Paddington Station’ is a Saul Steinberg print (currently reissued by Schumacher as ‘Trains’ – I’ve always assumed that the others were Saul Steinberg too, or ‘homages’ at the very least…


    • Great information…thanks so much. It really helps that Steinberg was the designer of Paddington Station. I’ve looked at the three of these that I have, along with another, similar one with a NYC theme, and I really can’t tell if they were all done by the same artist, or if they were just done in a particular style, as you say in homage to Steinberg.


  6. Lucky you!! I look forward to hearing about what you learn.


  7. Wendy

    Love your skirt and the history lesson. I have the Steinberg with the Paddington Station print on black. Would love to know more about it.


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  10. vanessa

    hI, i LOVE you skirt, where can i buy one?


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