The Colors of Summer: Red, White, and Blue

I love red, white, and blue, not because the colors are somehow “patriotic” but because they simply say “summer” to me.  When we think of clothing classics, we think of the little black dress and the white cotton shirt and the cardigan sweater.  Maybe we ought to also consider this on-going color combination favorite.

To make my point, today I’m sharing some summer clothes from my collection, all of which have some combination of the color trio.  If you are a newcomer to The Vintage Traveler, you can click the links to read the original blog post about each item.

The early 1970s tennis dress above reminded me of tennis star Chris Evert.

Along the same lines is this 1970s  tennis dress from White Stag.  Note the logo on the pocket.

Red, white, and blue always says “nautical” to me as well.  This gathered novelty print skirt from the 1950s shows why.

Continuing with the nautical theme is this  late 1950s or early 60s short sleeve jacket.  Just add navy slacks.

Add these red 1950s Summerettes to make the ensemble complete.

A 1930s beach-goer would have covered up with a red,white, and blue beach pyjama.

For sports spectating, the 1930s woman might have chosen a nautical themed sundress.

Nautical themes were also good for shopping, as seen in this 1930s cotton frock.

Bathing suits have always looked good in red, white, and blue, as in this Jantzen suit from 1936...

And this swimsuit from the early 1970s.

Got something red, white, and blue to sell or to share?  Feel free to post a link in the comments.


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8 responses to “The Colors of Summer: Red, White, and Blue

  1. Those Summerettes are like the sandals I bought at Woolworths in the 70s in tiny florals and solid colors. Wish I could find them again! Nice to see a photo though, can’t find anything like them till now. Thanks Lizzie!


  2. I love the 1930s nautical print dress!

    I have a couple of red, white, and blue outfits I made for myself and wear more than I ever thought I would when I first made them. A causal skirt and a retro ’40s dress. Red, white, and blue is such a happy combination!

    Happy Independence Day!


  3. What a wonderful and simply fun collection! The Navy sailor print skirt is fabulous!


  4. I agree….the gathered skirt looks like lots of fun. Love it, a great find.


  5. All are very pretty. Love those summer colors, too. Great collection!


  6. I would love to wear that skirt with the tall ships! Miuccia Prada would be salivating. Hope your long weekend is fun-filled with elegantly casual occasions to don such fabulous clothes !



    These are so crisp ! Maybe you follow her blog already I don’t know, but she has great humor and is an excellent writer. Since you and I shop for our treasures you must check out her blog and in particular the YouTube video that she has in the linked . I hope you think it’s as funny as I do !


  8. Love all of those things from the 30s! And I used to buy those shoes at the dime store during my college “Cheap Chic” era.


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