Flea Market Shopping Strategies

I know that I posted my yearly flea market shopping post last week, but after spending a day at my favorite antique flea, it occurred to me that there are a few more words that need to be said about looking for vintage clothing.

First, many people who deal in vintage clothing don’t like to take it to an outdoor sale.  And sometimes they take it, but if it is rainy or windy, they don’t put it out.  If you spot a dealer that has other “girl stuff”, it does not hurt to ask if they also have some clothing stuck aside.

Also, never pass by a box or heap of old linens without looking through it.   You may not be interested in old tablecloths, but crammed into that box with the calendar towels and the woven potholder there just might be a great piece of clothing.  I found my 1950s luggage border print skirt that way.

The same goes for other boxes of things that are related to clothing, but are not of interest to you.  At Liberty last week, one seller had a big box of little boys’ shoes from the 1940s or so.  In the very bottom was one pair of very nice, mint condition, very inexpensive, 1920s pumps.

The 1930s nautical themed print dress in my illustrations was found in a box of old Odd Fellows costumes, which was stuck under the dealer’s table, totally neglected.  Don’t be afraid to look in odd corners of a booth, but ask if if looks like a box is intentional hidden.  You may have discovered that seller’s shopping finds!


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5 responses to “Flea Market Shopping Strategies

  1. Gah! Great find–what a print! You are so right about digging through boxes and looking in corners. I have to admit I tend to be a bit lazy when hunting sometimes and don’t do this.


  2. Wowza. It looks like it’s missing its belt, but what a great find. Yes, you need to dig. Can you find me some vintage yarn?


    • Yes, belt is missing, but that’s a common problem. I’m always delighted to find the original belt.

      Vintage yarn is pretty hard to snag. I see it quite often at my Goodwill Clearance Center, but it is always in someone else’s cart!


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