Ad Campaign – Just Juniors, 1957

I thought I’d stay with the novelty print skirt theme just one more day, so here I am with another nautical print.  And isn’t it peachy?

I especially love the “calypso” pants.  Several years ago when I first began collecting the skirts, I was also on the lookout for other pieces made from border prints, and it surprised me how few I ever located.   As you can see from the ad, other items were made from novelty border prints, but I guess the gathered or pleated skirt was such an obvious choice that the other items were just not as popular.


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5 responses to “Ad Campaign – Just Juniors, 1957

  1. lemur178

    Great print. The top and pants together are a bit much perhaps, but one or the other would do me just fine (even if I’m moving closer to senior than junior these days…). And the bra & shorts combo is very cute.


  2. Love those calypso pants. Thanks so much for sharing all these amazing prints this week. It’s been fun! 😉 xx


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