Fuller Fabrics Sailtone – Two Ways

I posted this ad on Ad Campaign a year ago, and it continues to be a favorite novelty print.  There’s just something about a flag on a sailboat that screams summer.   I was browsing etsy last week when I spotted the print in another colorway.

photo copyright SweetBeeFinds

It’s always a treat spotting a garment that I’ve seen in an ad or in a magazine editorial.  It just brings the ephemeral past together with the tangible present.  And the print looks so fresh, like it could have been designed recently.

Am I asking too much to hope that this print exists in red, white and navy?  Possibly not, because fabric companies often made a print in several different colorways, as you can see from the ad and the photo of the skirt.   And if you read the ad you’ll see that “white with red” is also available.  I can only hope that I’ll someday find it in my dream color combination.

The fabric was made by Fuller, which was known for their great prints.   Often a company would sell the same fabric to several different garment makers, which is the case here.  My 1957 ad is for “Just Juniors”  but the skirt for sale by SweetBeeFinds has a “Bogart’s of Fort Worth” label.



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11 responses to “Fuller Fabrics Sailtone – Two Ways

  1. Such a great fabric and I love that skirt. I wish it was my size!


  2. This ad shows how great border prints can look in pants, something not done much anymore.


  3. Just a quick hello from the MasonBentley party but I am going to FOLLOW this blog because I am a vintage fabric nut…so nice to meet you!


  4. I love it best in the first colour way – and think the trousers (British. Just can’t say ‘pants’ without sniggering) are awesome! xxx


  5. It also shows how underpinings make the outfit, without the petticoat, the shirt looks flat. Stunning print though!


    • That’s true. When I first saw it for an instant I thought it was from the 80s, but then I recognized the print. The seller sent a photo of the label, which confirmed that it was 50s and not an 80s reproduction. (Which, dear sellers, is why putting a label shot in your listing is a good idea.)

      To me the skirt in the ad looks over crinolined. But that might just be a personal bias against poofiness!


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