Ad Campaign – Talon Zippers, 1972

We put as much care into the things we make as you put into the things you make.

By 1972, the metal zipper was considered to be terribly old fashioned, though the zipper makers continued to produce them for the many old fashioned seamstresses who did not trust the flimsy nylon ones.  (It did not help that the very earliest models on the market were prone to failure, and that it took a while before people realized that nylon zippers and hot irons do not mix.)  My grandmother was one such home sewer who distrusted nylon zippers, though she didn’t have to worry about it much because she had been forced to retire her sewing machine due to arthritis.

But in 1972 I was a thriving sewer, like the young woman in the ad.  If people think that DIY is a new phenomena, then they do not know the 70s.  By the time I started sewing in the mid to late 1960s, all the bugs had been worked out of the nylon coil, and I had no trust issues.

One of the big items of debate is recent years has been the question of the start of the nylon coil zipper.  Thanks to Robert Friedel’s book, Zipper, I can now say with certainty that the Talon Zephyr was introduced to the US market in March, 1960.  That means that any garment with the original Talon nylon zipper cannot have been made before that date.

The story is different in Europe.  The German zipper company, Opti-Werk, began manufacturing nylon coil zippers in 1955.

So it all depends on the little name embossed on the zipper pull as to whether an item with a nylon coil zipper could have been made in the 1950s.


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8 responses to “Ad Campaign – Talon Zippers, 1972

  1. What a handy date to have! And I still like a metal zipper, myself.


  2. Teresa

    This is such helpful information, thanks!
    I also love the advertisement. It’s so darling. 🙂


  3. Ruth

    I remember a dress I made in the early 70’s with a plastic zipper. Loved the dress and hated the zipper! I had several embarrasing public “failures” with the zipper before I gave up on the dress. The new ones are much better and I use them all the time now–with very few failures that can’t be fixed quickly.


  4. Caryn

    I’m just now finding your delightful blog and must share an image I enjoyed as a rural newspaper reporter interviewing veterans and their wives during the 50th anniversary of World War II in the early 1990s. One gentleman I interviewed was stationed in England with the bomber crews during that war and he chuckled fondly as he remembered attending a Christmas party hosted by a local family. He said that the evening was so pleasant and then someone brought out a pair of trousers to show off the zipper. It seems that quite a few of those in attendance had never seen a zipper in person, so the rest of the evening was spent with plenty of laughter as the crowd continued to pass the trousers about the room operating the zipper over and over and over.


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  6. cheri

    Curious. I have a very old beaded coin purse (for lack of a better description.) it has a very heavy duty Talon metal zipper with ornate pull, art deco look. The individual teeth are well over 1/8″, Any assistance is helpful….I can send a photo if there is an area to attach or send one.



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