Vintage White Stag Ski Gloves

The USA is in the grip of an arctic air mass, so I thought some nice, warm vintage ski gloves would be in order.  These gloves (or are they mittens?)  from White Stag feature a zipper on the back of the hand, and probably date from the 1940s or early 50s.

White Stag was originally a tent manufacturer, and through the 1960s canvas continued to be a favored material.  The outside of these gloves are a fine gauge canvas, and they are lined with cotton flannel.  The palms are a light blue leather.  There is elastic at the wrist and again at the end of the glove.

You might think that the metal zipper would be cold against the back of the hand, but these are crafted so that the flannel overlaps the zipper completely, and so it does not come in contact with the skin.

It’s an interesting design, similar in concept to hunter’s gloves, except that on them the opening is on the palm side and is across the bottom of the fingers.

After I bought these last summer I started looking at White Stag ads from the 1940s, hoping to get a glimpse of gloves with a zipper.  I found plenty of their gloves that have a similar shape, and several with what appear to be a leather palm, but none had the zipper.  I’ll continue looking, and would appreciate any of you skiers and sportswear collectors out there providing me with any information you might have about this type of glove.

This label is very similar to the one from the 1940s and early 50s.


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10 responses to “Vintage White Stag Ski Gloves

  1. The pocket is for a handwarmer. Like a large Zippo that stays lit with a low flame and you could place in your pocket.


  2. What a clever design. And, of course, hand warmers! I used to use vintage hand warmers in college. It held a slow-burning stick of charcoal. I must have that around somewhere..


  3. Christina

    I flipped back to an earlier White Stag post of yours Lizzie which looked at the possible role the company had during WWll. I wondered whether these gloves were military issue? This great video
    has a segment @3.22 showing the US Ski Troop, 10th Mountain Division wearing what look like white (camouflage) ski gloves. Not in enough detail to show a zipper.


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  5. sam common

    Hi , long time reader, first time poster. I thought military also when I first saw the gloves. A quick search of eBay does not show any examples, however the cover of the January 20, 1941 Life magazine shows a Soldier of the 10th Mountain (I think) wearing a similar pair of ski gloves.
    All the best from a loyal fan.


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