Lowe & Campbell Athletic Goods, 1935 – 1936

I’ve been spending some time working in my paper collection, looking for interesting things to share here.  I bought the catalog above ages ago from Tina at What I Found, and I’m pretty sure that I posted about it at the time.  The problem is, I couldn’t find the post.

If you’ve been reading The Vintage Traveler since before December 2010, you might recall that the blog used to be on another site.  Due to crazy problems with that site, I moved to wordpress in December, 2010, and at that time I had to manually move over my old posts.  It was a bit of a job, and I’m afraid that in the shuffle, some old posts got misplaced.

But that’s good today, because I get to show this off now that I have more than the 20 readers I had on the old site!  And it’s a really good lesson on not judging a book by the cover.   The catalog is illustrated with sports goods and clothing of all types.  Most importantly, there are plenty of offerings for the girl athlete, which shows how much sports were gaining in popularity among girls in the 1930s.

All these pages can be enlarged by clicking.

I loved this page of football jerseys.  These are seriously collectible, especially if the school or athletic organization can be identified.

These hose are simply wonderful.  And I think I know where a pair is located.  Stay tuned.

I included the hooded pullovers mainly because of how this item of clothing is currently being super analyzed by the news media.  In 1935 a hoodie was worn by an athlete to keep them warm while practicing or while standing on the sidelines hoping Coach would send him in.

Note that the second shoe is a Converse All-Star.  Converse first made the All-Star in 1917.

Cute clothes for the pep squad.

Here is the company’s selection of girl’s basketball suits.  These are a very far cry from what girls had to wear just a few years prior, with bloomers to the knee and long sleeved middies.

They even offered a good selection of warm-up suits for girls.

Last week in the comments about the gymsuits, several readers mentioned that they wore tunics with bloomers for gym and field hockey.  Note the two tunic styles above.

This girls’ softball suit is probably my favorite thing in the catalog.

And of course there was a nice selection of swimsuits.

Lowe & Campbell was located in Kansas City, Missouri.  I didn’t find out a lot about the company until I found an application to make the building that was the company headquarters part of the National Register of Historic Places.  According to the application, the company was formed in Kansas City in 1912 by George Lowe and Keedy Campbell.  The partners merged their company with Wilson Sporting Goods in 1931, but they retained a separate identity.  Their headquarters, which also included some light manufacturing, was built in 1925, and the company remained there until 1961, when it appears that Lowe & Campbell was completely merged into Wilson.


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27 responses to “Lowe & Campbell Athletic Goods, 1935 – 1936

  1. How nifty!! And what a wealth of information!


  2. I collect ‘ a few” really old books too! This is wonderful!


  3. Neat to see the changes in the girls’ gym suits. And how about that swimsuit with the cutouts?! Lots of nifty pieces and silhouettes in this catalog.


  4. Gail Ann Thompson

    LOVE the ladies melton jacket!


  5. I can’t quite get over that cape outfit for the Pep Squad. She looks like she could be on the cover of Vogue!


  6. The pep squad choices make me happy. Great research!


  7. Fabulous! I’m looking forward to seeing those hose. 🙂


  8. I love this! Especially the sneakers and the pep squad outfits.


  9. Lisa

    What a great catalog!


  10. Rasa

    I found your site while researching this company. While at my mother-in-law’s home in Naperville, IL (she’s 91, bless her heart) over the weekend she produced a varsity letter “I” with a Lowe & Campbell tag on the back. Red felt with a broadcloth back, and an ivory flocked “I” stitched on to the front. Doesn’t look like it was ever attached to anything and the tag on the back reads “For Sweaters & Jerseys — To Match Write Lowe & Campbell Athletic Goods Co.” and then in smaller letters lists a bunch of city names. Do you think this was a sample? Or perhaps your catalog indicates this item was sold separately? I’d love to know more — no one in my husband’s family has any clue why his mom even had it. Thanks!


  11. MB

    nice site, love this post. Campbell was my grandfather


  12. I have my father’s boxing robe from the 1930’s that has a Lowe & Campbel label. I would like to see the page that displays that item if you can find it. Thanks,


  13. Collier Brown

    I have a field hockey stick which I inherited from my mother (who would be 108 years old). Wonderful quality- one piece carefully molded & bent (I assume) of a blonde wood with some growth rings less than 1/16″ wide. Made by Lowe & Campbell with their logo & (perhaps) a small number 19 pressed into it. I wonder if this was in the catalogue. Old cats. like this, by the way, are treasures- I used to deal in them as a rare book seller. All too often they are discarded by the dumpster-full when companies or shops go out of business- should you see this, save them if you can. They are precious historical records and can be lovely artifacts in themselves.


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  15. Dillard Jones

    I have two exercise clubs or pins (which ever) with Lowe & Campbell stamped on them and also GSA could you tell me a little more about them? Thanks so much.


  16. Mona

    I recently bought a trunk at an estate sale that was full of men’s clothing. Inside, I find a gallon zip lock bag with a jersey #70 and attached to it is a note that reads, *football jersey 1946, worn by Ed N. White*. It has the Lowe and Campbell tag. 🙂 I thought it was a pretty cool find and wanted to share!


  17. Justine

    Thank you so much for sharing this catalogue! I recently acquired a Lowe & Campbell hoodie very similar to the F715 and this was so helpful to find!


  18. steve

    Hello Vintage Traveler,
    going thru my dad’s old sporting goods, I have a Lowe and Campbell wood bow (as in archery). Is there a chance you could scan/copy the pages with archery and send to me??? thank you mucho


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