Ad Campaign – Dodge, 1947

It’s a Honeymoon

Listen a little and watch a little!

Watch the man or woman, the husband and wife, who have become Dodge owners after years of limousine habit and experience.

They almost lose their dignity in the fun they get and the way they carry on.  You’d think they were getting their first automobile thrill, and in many cases they are.

One thing is certain, – Dodge has a stranglehold on the affection of every owner, and with many of the new ones, it’s a happy honeymoon, nothing less.

What an interesting ad, with the twists and turns of perception!  The original thought of the older couple being newlyweds is soon replaced with the truth, that they are long married, though Dodge virgins.  They carry on and lose their dignity.  What fun!  The Dodge ad men knew that sex sells.

This also makes me wonder when the idea of being retired meant that people became travelers.  I can remember when my grandfather retired in the 1960s.  Everyone  (well, my grandmother’s sister Agnes, actually) kept bugging them to take a trip.  Neither of them had ever traveled, so they decided they should see Florida.  So they drove the almost 500 miles, looked at the Atlantic Ocean, and after a night or two they turned around and came home.  They had traveled.




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6 responses to “Ad Campaign – Dodge, 1947

  1. Wonderful ad, and love getting your perspective on it, LIzzie. It really captures the “romance” of the road trip as a quintessentially American phenomenon (I know I’ve enjoyed the road trips we’ve taken over the years more than just about any other form of travel).

    The story about your grandparents is priceless!

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  2. Hi Liz…I enjoyed reading your cute little writeup…brought back many memories. We had a beautiful maroon 1940 Dodge. We did take a trip in our Dodge, once every year to go camping at Devil’s Lake Wisconsin. I have many a picture as we took turns pose ing in and ON the Dodge. Seems the beautiful Dodge was in more pictures than I was. Thanks for the memory…I was just 8 years old.

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  3. My grandparents drove to California every year to visit two of their children after my grandfather retired. It was a festive occasion the day they arrived! My mother saved all the home repair projects and I looked forward to new clothes. And they took a trip to Europe even after my grandmother developed Parkinsons.

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