Ad Campaign – Bates, 1944

Blueprint for tomorrow by Barbara Stanwyck

Barbara Stanwyck, star of “Double Indemnity”, a Paramount Picture, plans to commute by helicopter from Hollywood to her home – after the war!  You will be able to travel by air too, and perhaps have your own plane if you buy enough War Bonds now!  Those who want a touch of tomorrow in their homes today are selecting Bates bedspreads, designed to provide warmth as well as beauty… and they see in Bates spreads with matching draperies tomorrow’s answer to decoration.

This has got to be one of the oddest star endorsements of all time.  Here is the glamorous Barbara Stanwyck in a bedroom decorated with cotton bedspread and curtains that are covered with log cabins and pine trees.  I somehow had her pictured as more of the satiny boudoir type.

And then there is all that talk about the future, with good reason.  “For the duration” was a common way of referring to wartime life, with the hope of a brighter future being one of the things that got people through all the shortages and sacrifices.  Still, it seems to be strange that a fabric covered with log cabins is being touted as the answer to tomorrow’s decorating problems!


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15 responses to “Ad Campaign – Bates, 1944

  1. The wall art is also unusual. That is the largest “You are here” arrow ever.
    The fabric reminds me of one Pendleton did in the early 2000s called “Winter Wonderland.” Ours took it even further with ice skaters. We used more of a dark spruce than this fir green, but it had an intentional retro Holiday vibe.


  2. edgertor

    yeah…that wall art…what is it of? a diagram for the path of a nuclear bomb?


  3. Ruth

    The way her shadow falls is weird too, right behind her head like she’s leaning on a fake wall. And doesn’t she look thrilled to be there!


  4. Joyce Bradley

    Noticed Barbara’s background too. I think it is a cut and paste job.


  5. She may be wearing a snood, I think. I love Barbara, and I love Bates!


  6. Ruth

    I think you may be right. As I remember that was a big fashion about then (I wasn’t there–just from reading about it)!


  7. Her gown is beautiful but totally out of keeping for the room, I agree to a cut and paste job 🙂


  8. The whole thing is totally bizarre…and yet, I kind of want that bedspread!


  9. Perhaps that is why she has that look on her face? She knows the whole set-up is all wrong!

    And that dress is gorgeous!


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