Woman’s Day, November 1945

World War II had ended only two months before this November, 1945 cover was released, but it must have been months in the planning.  The Germans surrendered in May, the atomic bombs were dropped in August, and the outcome of the war was clear.  All that was left was for the soldiers to become veterans and return home.  And it looks like this guy has made it just in time to celebrate Thanksgiving.

So, no fashion this Saturday, only the good feeling of a young man reunited with his dog, and the knowledge that Mom is baking his favorite pie.

PS: Note that this magazine cost 2 cents!

Illustrator:  N.C. Wyeth

Copyright:  Hearst Corporation


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12 responses to “Woman’s Day, November 1945

  1. Wow. This cover is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing.



  2. Thanks. It is one of my all time favorite covers. It has something to do with that doggie.


  3. Teresa

    Beautiful cover. I especially love the little dog. Such a heart-warming touch.


  4. I love that while it isn’t clear at first glance that he’s in uniform, it is clear that he’s coming home. You don’t need a date or any back story to know what’s happening here.


  5. I had the good fortune to work at Woman’s Day from 1989-2003 and the pleasure to browse bound volumes of the magazine from its inception in the ’30s as the “house magazine” for A&P. They ran many patriotic covers during the war years, but this one (of course) was the very best.


  6. Beautiful illustration and colours. Thanks for sharing.


  7. How Lovely. And a dollar was really worth a dollar then.


  8. I’m so glad that you all love this as much as I do. Thanks for the nice comments.


  9. The farmscape has a lovely Grant Wood quality to it, as well.


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