Fortune, December, 1933

I don’t normally even look through old financial magazines, but when I found this one during my recent thrifting trip, it was so attractive I decided to thumb through it.  I’m so glad I did because there is a really wonderful article titled “The Dressmakers of America.”  It’s an in-depth look at the men and women who were making names for themselves in the fashion field in the States during the early 1930s.

Because Fortune is a financial magazine, the article focuses on the money to be made in the women’s clothing industry, and in the process it profiles some of the emerging greats:  Elizabeth Hawes, Nettie Rosenstein, Clarepotter, Jesse Franklin Turner, and Hattie Carnegie.  There is also a section on Hollywood fashion that includes information about Adrian, Howard Greer, and Travis Banton.

If that were not enough, this issue is full of stylish ads.  I’d say I got my $4 worth.

And I learned a valuable lesson:  Always, but always flip through any older magazine, and at least look at the table of contents.   You know there have to be hundreds of articles that would be of interest to the fashion history lover.

Illustrator:  Antonio Petruccelli

Copyright:  Time, Inc.


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8 responses to “Fortune, December, 1933

  1. That’s a dream find! 🙂


  2. In the one library science class I took they called that browsing with serendipity.


  3. How wonderful! I’ve only ever seen the vintage Fortune magazine covers (I actually have a book of some of the vintage covers on my shelf). The art is always so great that I’ve always wondered if there was more interesting stuff inside them despite it being a publication about finances.


  4. What a beautiful cover (love the colors) and a serendipitous find! love when that happens.
    I have a pretty big collection of vintage magazines, and I’m making it a goal for 2013 to browse through them all. I could get lost in them!


  5. Teresa

    What a fabulous find! The cover is so enticing.

    I couldn’t agree more about flicking through vintage magazines. You never know what gems are inside. 🙂


  6. That cover is priceless. It reminds me of some of the New Yorker covers from the period – worthy of being framed!
    BTW – I am always amazed at how much information relating to fashion and the fashion industry I find in the current Marketing and Business and Finance sections of the Wall Street Journal!


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