Ad Campaign, Matson Line, 1937


The latest celebrity to linger at Waikiki.  Expectant stay-at-homes this Christmas will mourn the defection of their dear Kris

…the beloved old humbug slipped off on a Matson-Oceanic liner bound for Hawaii…

Okay, I know it is way past Christmas, but I’m with Kris.  This winter has gone on long enough, and I’m not even in the frozen North.  So this week’s ad is to remind us all that it is summer somewhere, and it will soon be warmer here.



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16 responses to “Ad Campaign, Matson Line, 1937

  1. Beautiful illustration. It feels like summer already – well, almost!


  2. Looking at this ad I want summer!
    I am afraid we will have the same… at this moment the weather is wonderful but some snow still can come – I hope for the very short time.


  3. That’s true in Minnesota. The first year we moved here folks were telling about how everyone was grumpy because there was no Spring that year. It went from severe cold to hot and humid. (smiles) We’re starting to see Spring in the frozen north. The snow is melting quickly and the sunshine speaks Spring is coming soon. It feels so good to get outside, even if it’s still 24 degrees F.


  4. OMG, you’ve done that synchronicity thing again. I’ve been writing — not yet published — about Lurline Matson Roth for my other blog. I met her when I was very young, and she took me to see her dolls, in her attic. The Matsons named her Lurline after one of the ships that made their fortune, and then named their beautiful luxury steamship the Lurline — it sailed from San Francisco regularly. If you seach for “Filoli images” — Filoli is the name of her estate — you will see lovely images of green and blooming gardens — it’s open to the public now and its gardens are especially fabulous in the springtime. There are youtube tours, too. It would be mean to tell you that SF was 71 degrees yesterday. But we’ll have water rationing this year, so it’s not all good. If you need a breath of spring, visit Filoli.


  5. another Californian logging in here: we’ll have to take that cruise to Hawaii soon just to get a long, hot shower if we don’t have some rain pretty quick. But in the meantime you are all welcome to come on out and sit in our endless sun! (p.s. Filoli is a dreamy garden estate, a ‘must do’ for any visit to SF)


  6. Carrie

    What a beautiful image! Thanks for sharing it (as we did the springlike beginning of the week followed by snow on the ground now here in Massachusetts, too…:) )


  7. Yes, a little warmth makes all the difference. The English weather has been behaving oddly – it was warm enough last weekend for the neighbour’s little kids to strip off in their garden and indulge in water play. Hard to believe when the snowdrops and daffodils are still in bloom! Yet this time last year it wasn’t yet above freezing. You just never know what March will bring. Hope it warms up for you soon, Lizzie.


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