Desperately Seeking Vintage Christmas Gift Wrap

This is all I have of the best gift wrap ever.  It was on a gift from a vintage friend several years ago, and she must have loved it as much as I do because she was doling it out in the tiny sample you can see.  I think she was being quite generous, as I’d have kept it all for myself.  I mean, Santa and a martini.  A man after my own heart!

I’ve been on a quest for vintage Christmas wrapping paper ever since I stumbled across the flickr pages of xtinalamb.  If that’s not enough, then check out the Vintage Wrapping Paper pool.

And here’s one I found  on etsy.  I would say to hurry over there and buy it, but I weakened and now it is mine:

Stylized POODLE Gift Wrap Vintage Wrapping Paper - Black and Silver Girls

And then a few months ago, I found this great Scottie paper from the 1940s:

The next two are part of a three roll set that I found in an antique mall:


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9 responses to “Desperately Seeking Vintage Christmas Gift Wrap

  1. Oh, you beat me to the Poodle paper! 😉 I love finding vintage wrapping papers, for any occasion really, but Christmas is special, for sure. I’ll be sure to be on the lookout for Mr. Martini Santa!


  2. Oh, you poodle lovers!

    If you find Martini Santa, send me half, and I’ll send you half of the Christmas poodle!


  3. Wow! I love the poodle wrapping paper. Gorgeous! Merry Christmas. 🙂


  4. Hello Lizzie!
    Are you enjoying your new blog home? Everything looks great! Thanks for letting me know about the move…your new URL is now in my blog roll…

    I love vintage wrapping paper – and these are all wonderful! I totally understand your friend just giving out little squares – it’s precious stuff! I was in a rush yesterday, wrapping gifts for my family Christmas gathering on Saturday, and couldn’t find my new gift wrap – so ended up having to wrap gifts with vintage paper. That was tough – since I wasn’t sure my sibs would appreciate it. But when I told them it was from the 60’s, they all seemed to treasure the paper as much as the gift. So I was happy. 🙂

    Merry Christmas!


  5. The Scottie paper has stolen my heart! Wonderful.


  6. I knew you all would love these!

    I bought the Santa and Trees paper a few weeks ago and was not really planning on using it. I came home last week and found that someone had wrapped all his gifts in the Santa paper!


  7. OMG! The poodles are priceless, and I don’t particularly like poodles. Love those though! Great paper!


  8. I’ve got some vintage holiday wrap, wish I had more, you’ve inspired me to scan it!


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